Muscle Bulking Body Building Diets

2 Nov

muscle bulking dietWhen bodybuilders eat a surplus of calories and exercise hard it is referred to as bulking. Body builders use this method to add fat to their bodies which they can then turn into muscle. A high calorie diet is necessary for bulking. That does not mean they are talking about filling up on fast food meals though.

Eat Nutritiously for Muscle Bulk

The best way to bulk diet is not to eat a lot of fast food. When bulk dieting find foods that are high in calories but that are also nutritious. The nutrients will aid in the muscle-building phase as well as in your overall health. Fish such as salmon and tuna are good, as is chicken and lean steaks. Eating a tub of cottage cheese will add calories while supplying valuable nutrients. Oats and brown rice are good foods, and you should eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. Bulk dieters eat 6 to 8 times a day whilst building muscle.

Reasons to Bulk Diet

There are many reasons people choose to bulk diet:

  • A person with a fast metabolism that wants to add more muscle. That person would have to eat large quantities of high calorie foods in order to gain the fat needed.
  • A bodybuilder who wishes to move up to the next weight class.
  • A bodybuilder who wants to go on a muscle gaining phase. This is common practice for many bodybuilders during the winter months.
  • Someone such as a football player who might require maintaining a certain weight.

When to Bulk Diet for Muscle Building

The best time to bulk diet is after you have gone on a weight loss diet. This allows your body to soak up all the nutrients that it had been missing out on. Another thing to remember is if your body fat is ten percent or higher, you may want to lose some body fat first. Then when you bulk up your body will be primed to gain more muscle mass.

Muscle Bulking up Basics

The basics to a good bulk up diet is ensuring you get the proper nutrients in the proper amounts. First you should increase your protein intake to about 1.5 grams for every pound of your body weight with every meal. Second, increasing complex carbohydrates is a must. 2 to 3 grams per pound of body weight is recommended. Carbohydrates will increase your energy level. Third you must increase the good fats going into your body. A balance of omega fatty acids 3 and 6 are best.

Supplements for Bulking Up Muscle Building

You should take some basic supplements when bulking up. A multivitamin and mineral supplement, extra vitamin C, fatty acids such as fish oil supplements or olive oil in your diet and a protein powder. The protein powder shakes throughout the day, especially after a workout will help you keep up your intake of protein dispersed through out the day, which is important for a positive nitrogen balance which means that your body has enough protein for its needs and for the needs of building muscle.


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