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5 Workouts To Gain Height

21 May

Most of the people around the planet want to be tall and handsome.  Though everybody’s got a need to be tall but they don’t follow the proper ways to grow taller.  People try several medicated products like growing tablets, injections and surgery to gain height.  But these all are very costly, dangerous and agonizing prospects and give no guarantee on performance.  Rather than these, exercises are the simplest way of elevating your height.

workouts gain height

Despite stretching exercises you might also do the following exercises to increase height.

  • Yoga
  • Swimming
  • Hanging
  • Cycling
  • Skipping / Basketball

Yoga – Yoga is the first commended exercise to extend height.  It’s the best sort of exercising without any side-effects.  Yoga improves respiring and relaxes stiff muscles of your body.  These yoga positions also increases the stretching capacity of your bones and muscles helping add an enduring inches to your height.  Few yoga exercises like Tad asana ( shoulder stand ) and Pranayama are advised for inflating height.

Swimming – Another exercise to enhance your height is swimming.  It improves your posture, expansion, fitness so helping you become taller.  Swimming will be of benefit to you even if you are past adolesence.  Swim for around an hour at least two days in a week.  It is the constructive exercise due to the fact that in single way your both legs are booting and in next way your arms are widening.

Hanging – It’s the most straightforward exercise to raise your height.  Hang from a bar for at least 4 to 5 minutes a day.  Hanging can increase a person’s height by one to two inches.

Cycling – You should give at least 15 minutes a day to cycling in order to raise your height.  Cycling can be done either inside or outside.

Skipping / Basketball – One of the favored exercises to extend height.  Jumping increases blood supply as well as exerts additional strain on the long bones of the body to grow in length and mass.

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Avoid Building Muscle The Wrong Way!

19 May

How would you feel if you discovered that almost everything you were doing with building muscle was dead wrong? Imagine all the time, money and effort you have spent in the gym was contributing to building muscle – the wrong way! Everything you have read on building muscle has left you with little to show for your hard earned efforts…

There are dozens of muscle building mistakes that we all fall victim to which results in bringing you progress to a complete halt. Don’t be too hard on yourself, because like all things in life, building muscle is a learning process. That does not mean you must forfeit years of personal trail and error when we can learn the mistakes of seasoned trainers who walked before us.

bodybuilding mistakes

If Your Still Stuck With The Same Weak and Skinny Body… It’s Not Your Fault

You have been mislead and down right lied to by some of the most successful masters of deception alive today. You are probably not even aware that the bodybuilding industry is robbing you of your hard-earned efforts, it’s embarrassing your commitment and motivation, and most importantly, it’s stealing your money, and crushing the results you should be getting at the gym.

In my search for honest, unbiased, time-tested muscle building information I discovered some hard-to-accept information. Looking back, I now realize that this information was a major turning point in my journey to building muscle the right way. BUT…I had to reprogram my belief system.

Here are the first three biggest and baddest ways to building muscle the wrong way. Erase these mistakes from your thought process and you will be one step closer to earning beach body worthy status:

Building Muscle The Wrong Way #1 – Skipping Out On Your Cardio…

Before you disagree take note that I was once a long distance triathlon and running champion so my cardiovascular standards and perceptions of ‘fit’ are much higher than your local trainers or expert bodybuilding author. It drives me crazy when I hear fitness experts preaching that weight training is just as good for keeping your heart and lungs in prime condition. Who are they kidding?

Weight training, designed for bodybuilding, is almost useless for stimulating your cardiovascular system. Bodybuilding style weight training for your cardio is just about as good as spending the day playing video games. Sure, I know your leg training workouts and super sets make you feel like you sprinted up the street for 100 m but this is far cry from a optimal cardio system.

Do not buy into the latest fad that cardio will kill any chance of building muscle. Cardio must be in your program even if your goal is maximal muscle gain and you are the skinniest of skinny. Aerobics plays a vital role in building muscle and has been shown to speed up recovery from weight training by transporting oxygen and blood flow to the muscles.

The circulatory system is developed because more oxygen is pushed through your blood resulting in a greater number and size of blood vessels. Since there is a greater cardiovascular density of blood vessels, your circulatory system has more ‘supply routes’ to shuttle oxygen and nutrients to the body tissues, including muscles, and shuttle away waste products that can slow muscle growth, repair and recovery. In the end, this means you will create a more optimal environment for building muscle!

Building Muscle The Wrong Way #2 – Overtraining The Biceps And Triceps

I’ll bet any money that you would do almost anything for a set of sleeve-stretching set of arms. Any money that you would do almost anything for a pair of bulging biceps and rock-hard triceps!

Interestingly, every time I ‘m at my gym, I see small and weak dudes spending a full hour doing every bicep and tricep exercise imaginable. They do set-after-set, week-after-week with nothing to show but the same skinny noodle arms. What they fail to realize is that for maximum muscle growth and strength, the biceps and triceps require very little direct stimulation!

Do me a favor and take a close close at the size of your thigh. Now compare the size of your thigh to the size of your bicep. Does it make sense to spend the same amount of time training arms versus your legs when your legs are over four times as big? Of course not! Now compare the overall size of your back to the overall size of your arms. Now compare the size of your overall chest to the size of your overall arms. You should now realize that a larger muscle group should be trained differently than a smaller muscle group.

Focus the majority of your training on the large muscle groups – that is chest, back, shoulders and legs. Focus on increasing the strength and size in these big muscle groups and rest assured, building muscle in your arms will become easier.

Now hear me out. I’m not saying that direct arm training is a waste. I’m simply leading you to discover that less is often more when training small muscle groups such as your bi’s and tri’s.

Building Muscle The Wrong Way #3 – Not Focusing On Getting Stronger

I can’t count how many times I have down a fitness consultation with a young new trainee and bring up the idea of including a strength cycle early in the program and he instantly fires back, “But I don’t care about how much I can lift, I just want to get ripped and muscular.”

I get his short attention span back by stating, “Building muscle will almost always follow if you simply focus on getting stronger, I mean getting really stronger.” Unfortunately, training to get stronger seems to no longer be apart of the average trainees training regime.

Since the fitness industry has become more commercialized with balls, balance pads, fancy selectorized equipment and ridiculous infomercials, people have neglected the necessary time building requirements to build a solid foundation for long term success. Including bodybuilders.

Consider that the stronger you become the more sets and reps you will be able to lift for more specialized movements. The better your technique. The faster your recovery. The longer and harder you will be able to train. And rest assured, when you get stronger from week to week, the muscle mass will follow!

Don’t believe me? Next time you go to your gym check out who the biggest guys are. Don’t be surprised if they are also the strongest. Have you ever seen anybody will a small frame who can deadlift four plates, squat three plates, bench press two plates or curl 1 plate (per side respectively). I didn’t think so.

Building Muscle The Wrong Way #4 – Reading Bodybuilding Magazines

Did your last bodybuilding magazine promised 2 inches on your arms in 2 weeks? Did it tell you could increase your strength by 40% in one week? Did it show you the latest ‘arm program’ which looked the exact same as last months arm workout? I know this sounds extreme, but almost 90% of the information you see in bodybuilding magazines is dead wrong and only works for guys who are using steroids.

The modern mainstream bodybuilding magazines are really just muscle comic books written at a 6th grade level. They glorify drug-using bodybuilders and portray them as the picture of health. The cleverly combine two or three rehashed articles, a lot of pictures, gimmicks, sex and hype to sell this nonsense to millions. These magazines may have inspired millions by the pictures but they have also mislead millions.

Building Muscle The Wrong Way #5 – Taking Advice From A Guy Who Uses Drugs

Drugs allow you to train more often because of one’s increased ability to recover, but they also speed up normal physiological processes that normally would not occur, i.e. increased hormonal levels. Not only do bodybuilders take an ENORMOUS amount of drugs; they are also known to inject various substances into their bodies to give selected body parts that enhanced look.

Building Muscle The Wrong Way #6 – Trusting The Supplement Ads

Most are unaware that bodybuilding magazines are owned by million dollar supplement companies that use the magazine as a vehicle to sell their supplements. They intentionally get professional bodybuilders to make programs that will cause the Average Joe with average genetics to literally fail. Because the programs are printed in black and white, the trusting consumer believes the advice must be right, and resorts to the latest cutting edge supplement promoted on the next page! The sale has been made.

Building Muscle The Wrong Way #7 – Following The Bodybuilding Programs

How would you also like to know that many of the articles in the popular muscle magazines are ghost written! Yep, many times the staff writers of a certain magazine will simply get the approval of a certain bodybuilder to use their name in an article they write. So, sometimes you will not even be reading an article that was actually written by your favorite bodybuilder.

Stop Taking Advice From Bodybuiding Magazines…

Once skinny guys discover there are no short-cuts or secrets, just time-tested, universal muscle building principles that are not as complicated as perceived, but work for anyone who applies them – then they will begin to build an impressive physquie and conquer their perceived unfriendly genes. You must learn to train smarter and not harder.

The training programs in these magazines are heavily influenced by professional bodybuilders who are on a lot of drugs, let us not pretend otherwise. Yes, other sports also are guilty of using drugs to enhance performance, but possibly no other sport is so dependent on the use of drugs than bodybuilding.

Your Solution : Take Advice From Someone Like You…

If you goal is to become huge and ripped naturally – you need to get advice from someone who has been in your own shoes. Would you take money advice from someone who inherited a million dollars? Probably not. So why would you take muscle building advice from someone who inherited genetics that makes him grow muscle even when he sneezes?

I have no idea either!

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Get Big Muscles In 3 Simple Steps

8 May

big muscles

Do you know what it really takes to build big muscles? Do you think it’s as simple as buying a gym membership, training each body once per week, slamming back some protein shakes and trying to eat as much chicken and tuna possible? Viola, you are big enough to enter a bodybuilding contest. Can you imagine it was that easy to build big muscles? Unfortunately, your monthly gym membership, regular weight training workouts and casual eating habits, isn’t going to cut it. Here are five simple steps to getting big muscles fast :

Squat and Deadlift

Squatting and Deadlifting are known as two of the Big Three exercises that are responsible for power and mass muscle building. Consider these two animal exercises the kings of the jungle! Without them, you do not have a chance of survival. These two exercises alone, work out about 75% of your entire musculature, including your traps, shoulders, arms, back. Gluts, hams, calves and core muscles.

Not to mention the degree of intensity, squats and dead lifts force your body to release greater volumes of growth hormone, which results in bigger muscles all over your body. This spillover effect results in strength gains in all you other lifts which translates into a more muscular you! Squatting and dead lifting are especially critical for hard gainers because of the hormonal spikes affecting the entire body.

Stick to Compound Exercises

What is going to isolate more muscle fibers? A bench press or cable cross over? A military press or lateral raise? A chin up or bicep curl? A dip or tricep kickback? If you ever hope to get big muscles than compound lifts are not optional, they are mandatory. Stick to squats, leg presses, deadlifts, bench preses, barbell rows, pull ups, chin ups, over head presses, and dips.

If all you do is concentrate on building your puny muscles like arms and calves, then you will end up with exactly what you focus on – puny muscles!

Keep Your Rest Periods Honest

When was the last time you were in the gym and you watched the average guy time his recovery with a stop watch? Stop watches are not just for endurance athletes but should be used by every person who is serious about building big muscles.

Generally, the closer you lift to your one rep max, the longer the rest period and the higher the number of reps, the shorter the rest period. This is a crucial variable, which is often overlooked, yet will determine whether you create the correct training response.

For example, if you are training for maximal strength which requires at least 3-5 minutes rest between sets and you are only taking 2 minutes, you are not giving your nervous system an honest workout. If you are training for muscle size which requires shorter 30-90 second style recoveries but are gazing at the cute girl on the elliptical letting your rest periods carry over these ranges, you are not giving your metabolic system an honest workout.

Lastly, how do you know if you are truly stronger if you do not monitor your rest period? For example, let’s say last week you bench pressed 135 pounds for four sets of ten. This week you bench pressed 145 pounds for four sets of ten. Assuming the rest period was identical for both workouts, this is a tremendous improvement and a measurable sign of improvement! However, what if you took an extra minute or two between each set on the recent workout? This means that you did not actually become stronger. You just had a longer rest period!


You now know that building big muscles is not easy as showing up at the gym and throwing back a few protein shakes. Apply these three simple steps in your next program and I promise that you will start building brand new muscle all over your body!

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Deadly Bodybuilding Myths You Don’t Know

5 May

There are so many unproven bodybuilding myths that are still around us. Would you believe me if I said you are being scammed out of 90% of the muscle growth you should be getting because you have been mislead and misinformed by one or all of these deadly bodybuilding myths. Here are the first three of six bodybuilding myths that must be dispelled!

bodybuilding myths

Bodybuilding Myth #1

Train like a bodybuilder to become a bodybuilder.

This is the message screamed by the bodybuilding world. While this mantra may have inspired millions via popular bodybuilding magazines, it has also mislead millions by re-printing and rehashing irresponsible training nonsense that will wreak havoc on your body and make you just another one of the herd.

Imitating the training of the ‘champion’ bodybuilder is one of the most costly frauds in the exercise world because the ‘instruction’ from elite bodybuilders has no practical relevance for average people like you and me who are without gifted genetic potential and are drug-free.

The traditional 5-7 day splits, 5 exercises per muscle, 24 set chest routine is training suicide for the average trainee not spending a couple thousand dollars a week on special ‘vitamins’. Not only are these magazines useless but they will cause injuries, over-training, and illness. The books and magazines will not tell you that the drugs and genetics were responsible for curing their problem of being a hard gainer. Supplements, ‘better training’, and more dedication are their ‘secrets’ so you are told.

Bodybuilding Myth #2

Train for the ‘holy’ pump.

The ‘muscle pump‘ is described as putting your muscles under an extended period of constant tension. As your muscles stretch and contract they become gorged with blood which makes them feel tighter and fuller.

Getting a muscle pump is not necessarily what causes the muscle to grow – doing 100 reps with a light rep will create a huge pump – but does this make a muscle grow? Of course not! Distance runners get a pump in their legs when they sprint uphill. Do they get big muscles? Heck no!

Most bodybuilders swear by the ‘pump‘ and preach that you are shuttling more nutrients into the muscle – but is that what is really happening? Sure it feels great, like Arnold says in the unforgettable scene in Pumping Iron, but all that is occurring is a ‘back-up’ of blood. The blood is ‘stuck’ inside the muscle, which creates that worshiped tight and full look.

The blood that’s backed up into the muscle has hit a dead end and has nowhere to go. If you had fresh new blood that would be great, but unfortunately you just have old, stale blood getting ready for a snooze. That will not help you gain weight or build muscle mass!

The pump that is built up by the blood in your muscles will usually occur after you repeat set after set, which results in the famous “burning” sensation known as lactic acid. Lactic acid forms in the absence of oxygen. Lactic acid is a WASTE product and does nothing to build muscle weight.

Now if you are lifting extremely heavy weights and achieving a pump then this is a very good indication that you are making the muscle fibers work fully. I would only use the pump as an indicator to reveal how well you are ‘targeting’ the working muscle. Not as you guide to mark your success.

Bodybuilding Myth #3

You MUST train until failure.

Training to ‘failure‘ has probably received more debate, misinterpretation, and improper logic resulting in too much wasted effort. Going to failure– going to the point in a set where you are physically incapable of going just one more rep, hence you ‘fail’ – is preached as the most promised way to make continuous muscle gains. Interestingly, there is no activity outside the gym that demonstrates this ‘going to failure’ principle is as critical as bodybuilders have employed.

Growing up as a long distance runner I often stood by and watched the sprinters compete, and was astonished by their tremendous quadriceps and hamstring muscle. Yet I never remember watching any sprinter on my team train until failure, nor do I recall them ever sprinting through the finish line and collapsing. Yet they demonstrated a greater amount of muscular work in less time each time they practiced and raced.

Also, I will never forget the phenomenal muscularity of the construction workers I used to work with when I laid bricks and framed houses. Yet I never recall them carrying timber around the yard until they could not pick up one more 2 x 4. Nor do I remember the bricklayers moving the bricks around until they could not move them anymore. Both of these groups had incredible muscularity and were able to stimulate muscle growth without going to failure. So why do so many command that ‘failure’ is an absolute law for stimulating muscle growth when much evidence shows otherwise?

Improving your body’s sensitivity to the cold does not require you to go outside in the middle of winter with no clothes on prior to passing out. If you want to improve your tan, it isn’t necessary to subject your skin to the sun prior to the moment of blistering. If you want to improve your ability to hold your breath under water, do you need to go to the point just prior to losing consciousness?

Since your body’s primary function in life is to survive it will adapt only to the point where your body has sufficient defense to whatever element it is exposed. Similarly, when lifting weights your body will adapt to the intensity you have exposed it to over time while maintaining your recovery resources. As you can see, muscle growth stimulation operates on the same principle and does not require over killing your muscles’ absolute limit.

Bodybuilding Myth #4

Low reps are for size and high reps are for cutting.

Your muscles do not have much personality – they are either growing, shrinking or staying the same.

If you want your muscle to grow then gradually force your muscles to do more work and outperform your last workout’s performance. If you are content with the size of your muscles right now then this is easy – just keep doing what you are doing. And to make the muscle smaller, this is even easier – simply do not train it.

You can not pick certain exercises to get a muscle ‘cut‘ or make a muscle ‘huge‘ – this theory holds no water. Muscle ‘cuts’ are a reflection of two criteria on the body: pure muscle size and low levels of body fat (in the single digits). So if you want to build massive muscles get ready to apply the fundamental principle of progressive overload. And if you wish to get ‘cut’ and ‘ripped’ be prepared to drop your body fat levels into the single digits.

Next time you hear someone say, “I just lift light weights to get toned,” then pat them on the back and point them in the direction of the cardio room as a better option. Light weights do not build muscle, period. They will burn calories and that’s all. You’re better off maximizing your time by burning calories running or doing jumping jacks. And if you see someone with the goal to get bigger and they are a cardio junkie – grab their hand and lead them to the heavy weights.

Bodybuilding Myth #5

Monday is chest day, Tuesday is Leg day, Wednesday is Back day…

Splitting up a routine is preached like ‘gospel‘ and is rarely on trial or questioned as the way to structure a muscle building routine.

And sure, splitting up a routine is fine and has some benefits BUT it is also the fastest way to over-train and burn out. Remember that you do not get stronger in the gym – you get stronger and bigger when you go home, rest, sleep, eat and FULLY recover.

To SUPERCOMPENSATE from your previous workout your muscles are not the only things that must experience a full recovery. Do not neglect the fact that you are taxing and depleting your central nervous system, hormonal system, and immune system – systems that, in fact, take longer than your muscles to recover.

Just because your muscles say, “OK we feel fine, let’s train again,” you must still experience a FULL recovery prior to attempting to stimulate your muscles again for more muscle growth.

Consider this practical example. What is the best way to cure a sickness? By taking an entire bottle of aspirin in one sitting? Or taking smaller dosages at more frequent intervals? I hope you agreed with the second solution. So what is the best way to build muscle? Taking one huge dosage per muscle group per week? Or taking smaller and more frequent dosages on a muscle group?

Bodybuilding Myth #6

Shock’ your muscle and keep them ‘guessing.’

This has got to be one of the silliest and most misleading statements ever made (no hard feelings because in theory it can be convincing). Interestingly, the people who used to give me this advice must have been ‘shocking‘ or ‘tricking’ their muscles the wrong way because they had no muscle mass on their bodies to back up that statement.

If you think about this myth long enough you might start to laugh. Do you think you can really change your exercises and training routine to ‘surprise‘ your body and get a different reaction out of them?

Your muscles do not have outside eyes that reward you with new muscle growth if you ‘confuse’ them. Your muscles understand MOVEMENT and that’s all – push, pull, curl, extend, contract or release – that’s it. You can be lifting bags of sand or dead lifting 400 pounds and the action on your back is the same – your knees bend and your trunk flexes. So where is the shock? Why would your back muscles say, “Holy Macaroni Batman, you’re lifting with an Olympic bar and not sand bags anymore. Better pack on some muscle.”

Or maybe you can switch up the order of your routine by hitting a weak body part twice in the week. If you only train your arms once in the week and then ‘strategically’ throw arms in twice one week they will be ‘confused’ and ‘shocked’ into growing. Please! Your muscles operate on laws of science, not on laws of trickery.

Forget trying to shock, confuse, trick or ‘keep the muscle guessing.’ The only thing that will be shocked and confused is the person messing around with this theory who has no clue why their body has not changed in a month since they started this magic show.

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Little Known Ways to Weight Training

30 Apr

Weight Training

Weight training properly is known by few. If it was easy then you would see a lot more muscular and lean physiques on the streets. Before you learn how to weight train properly, it is critical that you learn these five weight training tips before you even step foot in the gym.

1. Write down a realistic short term and long term goal.

2. Make a commitment to stick to one program for at least 12 weeks.

3. Educate yourself prior to starting.

4. Hire a trainer to teach you proper technique.

5. Focus on gradual progression.

Weight Training Tip #1: Goal Setting

Inch-by-inch life is a sinch. Yard-by-yard life is hard. Treat your goal setting the same way. Do not expect to be on the cover of Men’s Health by next summer. Decide how much muscle weight you wish to achieve in three months. Six months and one year. Decide where you wish to finish and work backwards. If you wish to gain 50 pounds by the end of the year, than create a game plan that allows to gain at least one pound per week.

Weight Training Tip #2: Commitment

The only reason you will fail is if you are not truly committed to your goals. Do your homework and find a weight training program ideal for your specific goals and situation. Study the program fully prior to commencing. Comprehend every detail of the program and if you don’t, contact the author of the program to ensure you have no excuse to misunderstand or perform the workout incorrectly. After you chosen a program, take responsibility for your decision and follow it to it’s full completion. Do not try it out for three weeks and than say, “It’s not working…” and try another program. This will create a failures attitude and begin the deadly bad habit of program hopping

Weight Training Tip #3: Education

How much do you really know about building muscle? Let’s put it this way, if you had to teach someone else how to transform their body in the next twelve weeks, could you help them? Never mind, could you transform your body in the next twelve weeks? If not, you probably do not know enough about how your body works from a training, nutrition and recovery stand point. Order a book, visit a reputable website and find out everything you must know, about proper weight training, before you start the guessing game.

Weight Training Tip #4: Proper Technique

You wouldn’t try and drill your teeth? You wouldn’t try and do your own taxes? You wouldn’t try and fix your own car? Assuming you have no expertise in dentistry, accounting or automotive repairs. So why would you try and teach yourself proper weight training technique? It boggles my mind why so many people across North America sign up for a gym membership and jeopardize the health of their tendons, ligaments and joints with the attitude of “I think I’ll try it on my own,” or “My friend is going to teach me,” or “I am self taught from watching others…” Do not be cheap and leave your ego at the door and hire a reputable fitness trainer who can teach you proper weight training technique.

Weight Training Tip #5: Progression

I’ll say this again. Inch-by-inch life is a sinch. Yard-by-yard life is hard. Approach each workout with this attitude. Your bench press does not need to go up twenty pounds in the first week. But just imagine your bench press went up consistently 2.5-5 pounds every week for the next year? That would some serious muscular and strength gains! Your goal is to simply out do yourself from workout-to-workout, week-to-week. Whether you do one extra rep, one extra set, a extra 2.5 pounds or a shorter rest period, these are are measurable signs of weight training progress.


Make your weight training life easy by starting with the the above weight training tips and look forward to a rewarding and fruitful adventure in the gym.

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Craig Ballantyne

27 Apr

Craig BallantyneWho is the great man behind the phenomenal and ground breaking program Turbulence Training? Behind this program is the renowned author and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), Craig Ballantyne. He is a self-made fitness trainer that has worked hard to forge a name for him and studied hard to create this world class program.

Craig began as a training coach and writer for such prestigious magazines as Women’s Health, GQ, Maxim, National Geographic, Men’s Fitness, and Muscle and Fitness Hers. This has given him access to some of the world’s best on such important things as myofibril growth, mitochondrial stimulation, and burning fat.

He also carries a Master’s of Science Degree in Exercise Physiology from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, giving him a knowledge set that is hard to beat. He ahs also been featured with his exercise programs in most of the most famous fitness magazines in our modern world.

Turbulence Training is by far the most well known work of the famed Craig Ballantyne. This is a top program dedicated to mastering all the muscles in your body and providing a means via which your body can continue to face muscular confusion on a daily basis. His program is program that aims at shaping and sculpting your body through the primary means of weight and resistance training based on dumbbell and body weight exercises, along with a solid foundation of interval training.

This program is for those interested in serious toning of their bodies and sculpting a seriously chiseled physique. Craig studied hard and long to create this program and the statistics that this course is based on are all solidly grounded in scientific research. He had dedicated many hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in investing in the research that would enable him to make a program that would work for all. Another key feature of Craig Ballantyne’s program is the incredible adaptability of it. It is adjustable for people of all natures, builds, as well as athletic capabilities.
Some of his more known tips are:

  •  Focusing on weight training and nutrition more than cardio for fat burning.
  •  Working with difficult body weight angles in order to create more core power and strength
  •  Using legs as a way to build abs
  •  What are the proper nutrition steps to take to create a good physique
  •  How to correctly build your shoulders without injuring them


He has enhanced the understanding of the fitness world, and as you study with him, his understanding will further your knowledge and level of fitness for life. He encourages all that you can reach your goals and is living proof and testament that what he states works.

Simply, working with Craig Ballantyne for any type of fitness is an excellent idea. His learning is not only applicable for this course, but his work also teaches useful principles for everyday exercise and further exercise programs. Taking steps with his Turbulence Training will kick your butt and take your fitness to a whole new level.

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Personal Trainer: Boredom Busters

15 Apr

One of many greatest challenges to staying on the right track for fitness is losing motivation. People are just beginning an exercise program can end up quickly exhausted of the same routine. Keeping exercise interesting and maintaining a great fitness perspective is key to long-term success.

If you have to watch the very same episode of your favorite television show every day for the rest of your life, you would probably be knocking your head against the wall by the end of the week. You’d change the channel, pick up a book, or do anything you could to avoid something you once liked.

Yet, many people starting on a fitness program feel compelled to adhere to exactly the same routine, day after day after day, and consequently, fall off the exercise wagon because of sheer boredom.

That is why, most people would want the services of a fitness trainer to be able to provide them the different portions of the fitness program in a more livelier style.

Therefore, it’s important to think about a few factors that will determine if a certain fitness trainer is suitable for you. Here is how:

1. Certification

Like any item or product, the quality is at times measured and determined through the certification that goes with it. Hence, before you decide to choose your fitness trainer, it is important to verify if the trainer is duly certified by a remarkably regarded fitness association.

fitness trainer

It is also best to pick a trainer who has a CPR certification or first aid qualifications.

2. Education/Trainings

Be certain to choose a fitness trainer who had acquired an adequate training and education as far as health and physical fitness is concerned.

Even though it is not necessary, trainers who have received education connected with health or any other related field will certainly have an edge over the others.

3. Knows how to give the right attention

A good fitness trainer should know how to provide his or her client an undivided attention whenever their session is going on. In this manner, the trainer will be able to concentrate more on the details that needs attention and immediate considerations.

4. Knows how to track development

It is best to decide on a fitness trainer who knows how to track his or her client’s progress as far as fitness is concerned.

In this manner, the trainer will have the ability to generate new activities and trainings designated for a particular result of the client.

5. Good Personality

Because you’ll be dealing most with your fitness trainer, it’s best if you’ll look for somebody with a pleasing personality, somebody whom you can be comfortable. It’s best to hire the services of somebody whom you can easily get along with.

Boiled down, the services of a fitness center and the contributions it can give you while working out on those belly fats, are, indeed, one of the very best help that you can get from a professional person who knows what he is doing.

Therefore, it is best to choose the best person who can provide you with the best services that you need so you will never get bored again.

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Kyle Leon

26 Mar Kyle Leon

Working with a top trainer and really trusting that his program is all that it needs to be is not always easy. There are many hundreds of trainers simply out there to get money or sell their product to you. When you are interested in really getting the best results in physique and health, working with Kyle Leon and his program The Muscle Maximizer is an excellent choice.

Who is Kyle Leon and how has he become such a great amongst the fitness community? This top trainer began his days as a skinny kid in high school, not an athletic sportsman, just a regular nobody. He was never picked for sports teams, and last in line amongst the chose ones by the ladies. He then decided to move forward, to grow from where he was. He began hitting the gym, found his niche, and has slowly moved up to where he is today. Formerly known as “Lanky Leo”, he has moved up to be a fitness model and weight trainer extraordinaire.

His motto is simply, you can do anything you want to do. You can build a chiseled physique and rock hard body if that is within your priorities. HE has devoted much of his life to research and the study of the human adaptive process, especially pertaining to exercise. He has worked long and hard and has devoted hundreds of hours and thousands and thousands of dollars into research enabling his program to become amongst the world’s finest ranking programs available. Kyle Leon’s devotion and creed of no nonsense has set him apart from his peers and given him the keys to be on the road to success.
What are some of his simpler methodologies, and how can you get your hands on them? He shares in his course some of the following key insights:

  •  He reveals some easy and effective means of breaking through plateaus in working out.
  • He teaches how to gain muscle and burn fat without wasting time back and forth dieting. This is a key to any workout program anywhere.
  • How to stay lean and shredded all year round and not letting the weather affect your look
  • How “upping and downing” puts your body through undue stress and really does not give it the results that you are asking for.
  • His secret techniques for fat shredding. How to get results fast and consistently.
  • He unveils 3 mistakes that can destroy muscle growth and physique development

Kyle Leon really knows his stuff! He uses tips and tricks that are not only useful and applicable in this routine but that will assist you in your health and fitness for the rest of your life. The top program he has created comes with a guarantee of success and thousands of success stories to boot. If you are willing to learn with Kyle Leon, you will get the top results that you deserve. Be willing to work, give it all, and get the great results of working with this pro.

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Jason Ferruggia

24 Mar Jason Ferruggia

Jason Ferruggia is one of the most recognized names in the world of bodybuilding and exercise. He is best known for his exercise program, “Muscle Gaining Secrets”. Thousands of people are finding that the exercise program created by Jason Ferruggia has helped them to gain muscle, but Jason Ferruggia wasn’t always the muscle man he is today.

As a youngster, Jason Ferruggia was always teased and picked on for being a scrawny kid. He received constant bullying at school and was unable to have any sort of meaningful relationships with girls thanks to the fact that he was shunned for being so skinny. By the time he reached middle school, Jason Ferruggia had begun to work out.

He followed the advice of the boyfriend of one of his cousins, who used steroids at the time. He would spend hours every day at the gym, lifting weights and exercising constantly. Despite his best efforts to build muscle and gain weight, he saw little or no results for over five years of daily effort to put on muscle effectively.

By the time he reached high school, Jason Ferruggia weighed 147 pounds and was 6 feet tall. He tried to hide his scrawny body under baggy clothes, and his efforts to gain weight continued well into his college years. As he tried a number of bodybuilding methods, Jason Ferruggia found that none of them worked to help him add any muscle to his scrawny frame.

He began to study exercise science in an effort to discover the most effective way to put on the pounds and muscle, and he began to absorb as much knowledge on the topic as he could. After numerous months attending seminars and lectures, he realized that unless something drastic changed or he began taking steroids, he was going to end up scrawny his entire life.

He realized that he would have to find a completely new method of gaining weight if he actually wanted to build muscle, and he began to dedicate his time to studying over 300 books on the topic. After months of searching for the secrets of the human body, he finally found the technique that would allow him to gain weight effectively.

Within a month of his implementing his new program, he had put on over 20 pounds of muscle. He continued to experiment with the weight gain program, and finally created the program that made him internationally famous, “Muscle Gaining Secrets”. Within months his hard gainer bodybuilding program became recognized as one of the most effective programs for gaining weight.

Today, Jason Ferruggia writes a column called “The Hard Gainer”. He also serves as the chief adviser for Men’s Fitness magazine, writes articles for internet publications and various sites, has appeared on a host of TV shows. Jason Ferruggia is considered one of the world’s foremost experts on fitness, weight gain, and bodybuilding.

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Rusty Moore

18 Mar

The famed Visual Impact fitness program was created by trainer extraordinaire and professional Rusty Moore. He is world known for having created this fine program along with its renown adaptation for women (Visual Impact for Women). He began his career as a simple fitness trainer who then began a famous blog on the subject of fitness and really looking good. He is a promoter of not bulking up too much and really getting a toned and well-proportioned body.

rusty moore

He has created various training methodologies and techniques that were not previously amongst the common thread of thinking in the fitness community. Rusty Moore has proposed many important new breakthroughs in relation to sarcoplasmic and myofibrillar muscle development, two of the most important aspects of getting truly ripped. He also is a fan of using primarily weight training to increase lean body mass and to cut fat as opposed to solely cardiovascular exercise, understanding the scientific principles behind each and every aspect.

His courses, both Visual Impact and Visual Impact for Women, and highly founded off of scientific research done on the themes of muscle building, shaping and toning, and for this reason those who truly have run the course of the program have reaped the tremendous benefits of it. As one works hard and eats right, keeping in mind certain principles of great importance, the results will quickly begin to show. His programs can seem to many as though they are a lot of work for what you get, but getting good quality results will help you understand where you can take yourself in the fitness world. There is no limit to how fit you can get as you work with Rusty Moore and his top eBook and audiovisual courses for fitness training.

He personally has made appearances and speeches on the topic of getting ripped and lean in many places and at many separate occasions, and continues to train hard personally. Rusty Moore is an activist in the field of having a balanced life, of eating well, training hard, and having the availability to be able to kick back and relax with a beer on occasion. As a forty year old with an extremely low body fat percentage, he carries with him all that he preaches in his magazines, books, and courses.

His most famous course is the Visual Impact Series. He also has his blog the famed, as well as Abs Blueprint 1.0 (a free course) for those who are interested or have liked his other works. He is an activist that primarily promotes having a healthy and fully functioning body that is not over bulky, oversized, or clumsy. Sport ability, functional training, core strength, and athleticism are things that immensely important to him as a professional and things that he promotes.

Rusty Moore’s insights and research given in these courses will aid you not only in the accomplishing of these courses, but in any exercise that you perform for the rest of your life. His research will be key in aiding you in having a truly healthy future.

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