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The Truth About Abs

27 Feb

Many fit people want to take their level of fitness to the next level. They want to progress out of simply feeling good and looking ok. They want more. They want to look like all their hard work has paid off and is giving them the exact body that they want. Reading and learning with a professional trainer such as Mike Geary and his The Truth About Abs series is an excellent idea.

truth about abs

This course gives tips and insights into the fitness world that few people know. It reveals secrets behind really getting the most out the body that you have, and getting it to a point where it will be the body that you wanted. Mike Geary is a professional trainer, with years of experience under his belt, and gives top insights into the secrets behind true fitness.

Just a few of the key features included in The Truth About Abs are:

  • 142 page manual, giving tips and tricks in the fitness world
  • 4 audio files with motivational material that will “keep your head in the game”
  • A meal plan that will get you on the fast track to really defining those abs for everyone to see!
  • A personalized metabolic calculating system to enable you to know the amount of calories you should eat in the space of the day
  • A copy of the world famous “The 5 Keys to Guaranteed Fat Loss” DVD and instructional video
  • A free subscription to Mike Geary’s Lean Body Fitness Secrets.

This course, as you can see, is well rounded and internationally endorsed. It gives you specific rules to follow, and an exact diet, while also giving you key principles of dietary concepts that will aid you in eating correctly for the rest of your life.

The Truth About Abs aims to not only provide you with ideas of how to do this particular program well, but it gives you a way that you can learn and better your personal knowledge and understanding of the fitness world, giving you a way to apply this knowledge in the future.

One of the key factors to the success of this program is the fact that it dispels common myths. It attacks such time lasting incorrect errors as the incredible use of doing hundreds of sit ups, how not doing abs exercises and focusing more on your weight training and cardio will really get you abs,. This is just one of the many key principles revealed in The Truth About Abs, and it will get you results.

This is not just a “one and done” program, but a set of principles that will aid you for the rest of your life and fitness career. Knowing these principles will give you the edge that you need to reach your fitness goals and getting the hard, six pack abs you demand. This program will take you leaps and bounds above your competition! Simply put, The Truth About Abs is a top of the line and clinically proven program, that gets results, Period!

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Fitness and Large Size

4 Nov

Just because you’re big, doesn’t mean you can’t Get Fit

One of the things that annoys me the most is the assumption that being overweight means that you must not be fit.

Even amongst the medical community, this seems to be an accepted statement. Fortunately, this is not the case, and it is slowly being accepted amongst Doctors that many people classified as overweight are very fit. There are those larger persons who exercise regularly, and eat well, but whose BMI puts them in the overweight category.

If this is you – terrific! You’re doing the right thing by yourself and shouldn’t frustrate yourself trying to conform to society’s standards for slimness.

Unfortunately, for those of us who are larger, exercise can be a problem. The secret is not to do too much at once – but to break your exercise down into shorter, more frequent periods.

fitness large size

And take the opportunity to exercise doing everyday things.

Most people don’t know that housework is great exercise. But it is also boring. So – indulge yourself. When you do your housework, put on your favorite CD – turn up the volume and dance through it! Vacuum to the beat of the music – dance as you dust! Just get moving and enjoy yourself!

There’s no law that says exercise has to be done in a gym – or away from the TV. Move your exercise machine (bike, air walker, or stairmaster or WHATEVER!) in front of the TV. Exercise whilst the programme is on, and in the ad breaks, take an exercise break and have a drink of water. You don’t have to exercise full out – just do it constantly. You will be surprise as you watch that movie, that if you start your exercise (particularly riding an exercise bike!) and keep it up at a steady pace, your legs will automatically pedal as you become absorbed in the action!

It’s easy to exercise on the way to work as well. Get off the bus one stop earlier – or park at the far end of the carpark from the entrance, rather than as close as you can get. The same when you go shopping. The best bit is – there are usually more car parks the further away from the entrance you go!

Being fit doesn’t mean starving yourself. It means being able to climb up a flight of stairs without being winded. Being able to play with your children – and being able to take full advantage of your life.

Build Your Own Diet

26 Oct

If you haven’t had success with other’s plan try creating your own

If you have tried one or more of the hundreds of diets currently available but still aren’t having much success maybe it’s time to build your own diet (weight loss plan). That’s right take matters into your own hands.

fitness diet

The first step to building your plan is to begin a food journal. You’ll need to log every morsel you eat. Do this for a least a week and remember don’t omit anything, it’s important to write everything down. There are a number of reasons for logging the foods you consume. A food journal will help you create an awareness of what you’re eating throughout the day; some people are not even aware they are eating when they’re eating (they eat unconsciously)! Other important factors you’ll gain from your food journal should include:

  • What time you eat
  • The food eaten and the amount
  • How hungry you were when you eat
  • How you feel when you eat (your emotional state) i.e., happy, sad, anger etc.
  • Are you alone or with someone
  • Where you are when you eat

After about a week of journaling, you’ll need to do some assessing. Do you recognize any patterns such as emotional eating, eating when under stress, or eating due to boredom. Also, ascertain if you are consuming a balanced diet, are you making healthy food choices, eating from all the food groups of the food pyramid, how many calories are you consuming per day, is it within your allotted calories for the day? Continue to maintain your food journal and check it regularly to see how you’re doing. Use your food journal to make adjustments to your food selections when necessary.

Keep in mind that you are creating your own eating plan because you couldn’t find one that fit you needs, you’ll need to be diligent and industrious constructing your perfect diet (diet here means the foods you select to nourish your body). Consuming the proper amount of vitamins, minerals, fats, proteins and carbohydrates to promote healthy weight loss is critical to your success.

  • Fats– keep total fat intake between 20 to 35 percent of daily calories mainly from polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids
  • Carbohydrates– 45 to 65 percent of daily calories should come from carbohydrates
  • Proteins– 10 to 35 percent of daily calories should come from proteins

Fats – there two main types of fat found in food, they are saturated and unsaturated fats. Saturated fat can raises the blood cholesterol levels. Over time, this extra cholesterol can clog your arteries. Saturated fat is found mostly in foods that come from animals, but can also come from milk, butter, cheese, milk and oils such as palm and coconut. Limit you intake of saturated fats by choosing lean cuts of meat, skinless chicken and low-fat dairy products.

Carbohydrates (carbs) – carbs are the body’s main source of energy and are broken down into 2 groups, simple and complex. Simple carbs come from fruits, milk and white sugar while complex carbs come from grains, pastas, breads, rice, vegetables and beans. Limit your in-take of processed simple carbs like white sugar, white flour and white rice. Receiving a bulk of your carbs from fruits vegetables and the complex carbs category.

Proteins – proteins are classified into 2 categories, essential and nonessential based on the number of amino-acids present. All meat and other animal products are sources of complete proteins (the body can only manufacture 13 of the 22 amino acids it requires). These include beef, lamb, pork, poultry, fish, shellfish, eggs, milk, and milk products.

Clenbuterol: Effective Way to Control Obesity

18 Aug

Why obesity?
Obesity can be attributed to many factors. Teenagers become victims of obesity due to their junk food eating habits, post pregnancy women become fat due to changes in their metabolism, and there are work related problems where people work for long hours sitting and of course there are people who are born with genetic issues leading to fatness. The common goal for all of them to obtain a physic that is lean, mean and muscled. To do this they first need to shed the extra deposits around their middle portions, how they are going to do this?

How to get rid of extra fat?
There are many methods under which a fat person can lose the extra weight.

  • Eating less or getting a diet worked out to reduce fat. A diet containing food items that are low carbs and less in calories. A regular regimen in due course of time might considerably reduce extra kilos.
  • Adapting to regular exercise, jogging and weight training etc. one can join a local gym and workout regularly to get rid of fat. This is hard work and discipline combined. Will need lots of will power and courage to achieve.
  • There are natural supplements available for fat reduction. These supplements containing natural elements melt the extra fat and bring down your weight to manageable proportions.
  • Dragon Pharma Clenbuterol, use of this drug will get you a body sans fat and you can achieve the desired muscled physic within a short duration

Out of the above mentioned fat reducing methods the last one, the use of Clenbuterol, is found to be effective in short term weight loss. People who have tried Clenbuterol found that it melts fat very quickly by way of speeding up bodily motions and resultant heat – best place to buy Clenbuterol.
Clenbuterol Drug
The tendency of Clenbuterol is that it produces an effect very similar to high voltage running or weight training where you sweat excessively. The ingredients of Kalpa Pharmaceuticals Clenbuterol are thermogenic hence produce heat by speeding up body motions. This process melts the fat deposits and reveals the concealed muscles to give you a body of aerodynamic qualities. Users might experience restlessness, breathlessness and excessive sweating, but this can be overcome within a few days of use.

The reports for weight loss with Clenbuterol by Gen-Shi Laboratories around the world are highly encouraging. The above said methods except Clenbuterol needs a lot of effort in way of discipline and will by the users. But with Clenbuterol the user might find it easy because of its capability to produce good results in shortest time period.

Ectomorphs – Advices on Nutrition.

2 Aug

ectomorphs nutrition

Ectomorph represents the ideal body type, the owner of which should not be afraid to set extra fat, but then,  as to the surface of such a disadvantage: a set of muscle mass is very difficult to gain. If ectomorph dreams to be pumped up, then he needs to thoroughly review its alimentary regimen! To begin with, it is advisable to pay attention to calories, most of ectomorph’s body should get from carbohydrates. The number of calories consumed from ectomorphs has to be much higher than endomorphs or mesomorphs body types.

There is a very important detail you should always remember is the number of calories consumed exceeds the amount burned. For example, an ectomorph with a weight of 70 kilograms requires 2800 – 3500 calories.

Every day an ectomorph may divide its food to 6 – 8 meals, the spacing between each of them must be less than 3 hours. The amount of protein should be 25 – 30% of daily intake, carbohydrate – 50%, and fat – 20 – 25%. Do not forget that before going to sleep you need to energize your body. Sugar is eliminated from the diet or reduced to a minimum.

Do focus on foods with low glycemic levels, such as :
– Grain bread;
– Brown rice;
– Sweet potatoes;
– Oatmeal.
Do not forget that the food is bound to be full of vitamins and minerals. As fat sources there may serve products as:
– canola oil;
– nuts;
– olive oil;
– peanut butter
– fish.

Testoviron Enanthate- Mass&Strength

20 Feb

testoviron enanthateStill one of the most popular mass building steroids around and one of the oldest. It is highly androgenic and aromatizes quite easily in some people, others not. This is why it is one of those steroids that has to be tried first to see if it suits you. It does most and can put on a shit load of strength and size if it does.

Recommended highly. as well as the use of use of Nolvadex. Very popular with strength athletes especially. The Shering versions from Spain, India and Pakistan are excellent choices. It will fit in with most cycles and with most steroids but if water retention is a problem with you, then try with small dosages at first. Suggest 250mg every 5-7 days. More can be used but steady at first.

injecting steroid

How to Do One Legged Squats

5 Feb

This exercise is good for those who do not have the use of a squat rack or a partner. It is good for keeping your legs in shape while traveling. The beginner may want to use a chair for support and balance while learning and developing their muscles.

Stand by your chair with one leg extended out and the opposite arm out for balance. Hold the chair with the other arm. Now take a deep breath and begin to squat down

Go all the way down until you break parallel with the ground and then immediately begin to breathe out and come back up. You may use the chair to push against if you need the help.

one legged squat

Prepare for Your Lift-Off

25 Aug

lifting exercises

Here are 7 Rules to help you do correctly lifting exercises:


Up to an hour before exercise, eat a light, healthy meal containing low to moderate glycaemic index carbohydrates (oats, brown rice or wholemeal bread), protein (a few slices of chicken) and a little fat (olive oil) to fuel your workout. Just before you start training you could also top up your energy with a banana or another high-carb, low-fat snack if you feel you need it. Food equals energy, and not eating enough will cause your body to use up your muscle mass for fuel and big, heavy meals before training, with lots of protein and fat, drives blood to your gut, not your muscles. Always eat light before and heavy after training.


Close your eyes, take a deep breath, then exhale and focus your mind on an exercise to generate a strong mental image of the setting. The more times you run through the perfect exercise technique in your mind, the more prepared and confident you’ll feel when it comes to doing it for real. Practice makes permanent and your brain neurons don’t know the difference between the real and the imagined, so the more you practice perfect technique in your head, the better you’ll get in reality.


Your feet should be shoulder-width apart, whether you’re working on the upper or lower body, and flat on the floor with your body weight well distributed between the big toe, ball of the foot and heel.’If your stance is wider than shoulder-width you won’t successfully engage your core muscles to their full potential. ‘If your feet are too narrow you’ll lose your balance and call upon other muscles that shouldn’t be working to help. Your feet should also point directly forwards, but if you suffer from knee pain you may find it more comfortable to turn them out slightly.


Before lifting any weight, you must contract your core muscles and make sure your spine is in a neutral position (neither extended nor flexed). You should also consider your pelvic position. Your pelvis should be horizontal, with your abs contracted. ‘If your posture’s right you’ll have all of the core muscles and stabilizers engaged and ready to provide a strong, stable base to perform any exercise.


When pushing or pulling weights, stand tall and keep  your shoulders back and relaxed. If muscles around the shoulder joint are tight, the shoulder joint structure and position can be affected. This may limit your range of movement and could affect overhead movements in particular. It also increases the chances of injuring your shoulder when performing shoulder presses or upright rows, for example. Your shoulder blades should be slightly retracted and flat against your rib cage. This requires using the lower part of the trapezius muscle, an area that is often much neglected in training.


Before lifting the bar, make sure it is in line with your forearm and that your fingers are wrapped over the bar with thumbs underneath. If your thumbs are over the top with your fingers, it will cause excessive extension and compression of the wrist, which will lead to pain. Holding the bar like this could also cause an injury because if it’s not placed securely in your hands it could slip. Some gym-goers also tend to grip the bar too tightly. This can isolate the muscles in your forearm and limit your lifting ability.


Remember that you must breathe out on the concentric muscle contraction (lifting the weight) and in on the eccentric muscle contraction (lowering the weight). Your breathing should be deep but take care not to breathe too deeply because this could lead to hyperventilation. And forgetting to breathe properly because you’re concentrating on what you’re lifting can put a real strain on your body, too. Holding your breath when lifting can cause high blood pressure and wall limit oxygen supply to working muscles. The advantage of breathing out on the acceleration is that the core muscles can contract more fully because they don’t have to resist lungs, which are full of air.