Fitness and Large Size

4 Nov

Just because you’re big, doesn’t mean you can’t Get Fit

One of the things that annoys me the most is the assumption that being overweight means that you must not be fit.

Even amongst the medical community, this seems to be an accepted statement. Fortunately, this is not the case, and it is slowly being accepted amongst Doctors that many people classified as overweight are very fit. There are those larger persons who exercise regularly, and eat well, but whose BMI puts them in the overweight category.

If this is you – terrific! You’re doing the right thing by yourself and shouldn’t frustrate yourself trying to conform to society’s standards for slimness.

Unfortunately, for those of us who are larger, exercise can be a problem. The secret is not to do too much at once – but to break your exercise down into shorter, more frequent periods.

fitness large size

And take the opportunity to exercise doing everyday things.

Most people don’t know that housework is great exercise. But it is also boring. So – indulge yourself. When you do your housework, put on your favorite CD – turn up the volume and dance through it! Vacuum to the beat of the music – dance as you dust! Just get moving and enjoy yourself!

There’s no law that says exercise has to be done in a gym – or away from the TV. Move your exercise machine (bike, air walker, or stairmaster or WHATEVER!) in front of the TV. Exercise whilst the programme is on, and in the ad breaks, take an exercise break and have a drink of water. You don’t have to exercise full out – just do it constantly. You will be surprise as you watch that movie, that if you start your exercise (particularly riding an exercise bike!) and keep it up at a steady pace, your legs will automatically pedal as you become absorbed in the action!

It’s easy to exercise on the way to work as well. Get off the bus one stop earlier – or park at the far end of the carpark from the entrance, rather than as close as you can get. The same when you go shopping. The best bit is – there are usually more car parks the further away from the entrance you go!

Being fit doesn’t mean starving yourself. It means being able to climb up a flight of stairs without being winded. Being able to play with your children – and being able to take full advantage of your life.


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