Spped Up Your Metabolism

25 Feb

speed up

Procedures you can implement to speed up your metabolism:

1. Obviously, consuming less calories will speed up your metabolism. Your body must work harder with less fuel to train in the gym and accomplish your other daily activities. As long as you keep what you believe to be the proper ratio of protein, carbohydrates and fat for your body, it will run more efficiently with less food for awhile.

2. Rotate the amount of calories you eat. Your body will eventually adapt to the amount of calories you ingest—and slow down in it’s effort to hold onto and store body fat. If you feel your body burns about 2,500 calories a day, eat only 2,000 for a few days. Then, go back to eating 2,500 for a stretch of days. Again, for a few days, eat only 2,000. Then, to really keep your body from adapting and slowing down your metabolism, eat 3,000 for a few days. Continue rotating your caloric intake in this manner.

3. Eat smaller, more frequent meals throughout the day.

4. Cut down on starchy carbohydrates and, of course, your fat intake.

5. Replace most of your carbohydrate calories with good fats like canola oil or olive oil. Make sure you replace an equal amount of carbohydrate calories with fat calories. Fat, when added to your diet in this type of manner, becomes a much more efficient source of energy for the body to use.

6. Try eating only fibrous, vegetable carbohydrates for a series of days.

7. Increase your cardiovascular training.

8. Try doing your cardiovascular training early in the morning.

9. Consider taking a thermogenic, fat-burning, metabolism-increasing supplement.

speed up metabolism


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