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Must Have Yoga Accessories

12 Mar

So you have eventually planned to join for a yoga class? If yes; there are certain points to be kept in mind. These days it’s very essential to make use of sessions to derive perfect benefits. Some accessories that are must have for good yoga sessions are like this.

yoga accessories

One of the commonest and preferred yoga accessories is yoga mat. Yoga mat is required for a yoga session. Irrespective of the place you practice yoga; you surely need a yoga mat. These mats are helpful as they make sure that the the practioner doesn’t slip or skid during a yoga session. Additionally to that it offers a benefit of comfort. This in turn helps the process of yoga and makes the asanas far simpler.

Another must have yoga accesory is a yoga pant. You don’t desire your pants to rip off in the middle of a yoga session. This is where yoga pants come to play. They’re flexible and allow you to stretch as much as you want. There is a wide range of yoga pants available in the market. You can go in for full length yoga pants or select capris that look more stylish But, Make that the yoga pant of your choice is sufficiently flexible.

A yoga bag is another thing that you’d need when you would need when you are heading for your yoga session. There are quite a lot of things that you go to your yoga class such as yoga mat, water bottle, towel and the like. Yoga bag helps you stack in all these things conviniently and guarantees that you don’t lose your things.

When you are practicing yoga, you are sure to feel parched. Steps in – yoga sippers! They let you to your yoga class. Thanks to your yoga class. Thanks to these yoga sippers, your yoga practice will not be disrupted due to thirst. Go in for yoga sippers that are made of food grade material. Also, ensure that the sipper of your choice does not leak.

Fruit guards are another cool accessory that will be of great value when you are heading to a yoga session. These fruit guards are plastic cases that are meant to cover the results of you want to eat the time you want to eat the fruit, it is still intact and guard for the fruit guard for the fruit that you are most likely to carry else you might consider investing in multiple fruit guards.

Again ensure that you purchase your Yoga accessories from established brands to make sure that you get best quality and long durability.

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Weight Training for Women

19 Feb

There has been a long held myth by the ladies of this world that if they carry out weight training they will find their muscles grow big and the wonderful female physique they have will fade. This could not be further from the truth; in fact many women have achieved the body of their dreams through weight training.

To put into perspective what we are going to talk about today we will use the story of one of the world’s most well known female figure competitors, Tiffany Forni.

tiffany forni

Tiffany Forni had realized during her college years she had put on quite a bit of weight and decided to try weight lifting as her method of losing the pounds and getting into shape. After some research Tiffany chose a bodybuilding workout and put her research into practice.

Within one year Tiffany had lost 100 pounds (45 kilograms) and achieved the body she really wanted. Not long after this Tiffany actually started competing in figure competitions as her weight loss had been such a great achievement.

So how does weight training for women really work?

It is simple, weight training for women works because weight training is a form of exercise so you’re burning calories during your training. Unlike other training regimes though weight lifting will also increase muscle through your workouts.

When you increase muscle your body requires more calories per day to perform its normal tasks, without carrying out any exercise. Scientists say that for every pound of muscle (just less than half a kilogram) your body carries you will burn an extra 60 calories a day without doing anything.

While many of you are saying “I don’t want loads of muscles”. Muscle actually weighs more than fat so if you have a pound of fat in one hand and a pound of muscle in another the hand with fat in it will hold a larger quantity. Overall this means that as you train your fat will lower and your muscle will increase a little.

On top of all this weight training for women will also have the added benefit of toning everything up for you too! We all know how much the ladies of the world want a toned body; well weight training will help achieve this.

Weight training for women workouts

For ladies who wish to start weight training to lose weight and tone up the best option is a low weight high rep workout. This will give a great exercise session that will not only make you work hard but will also start using and strengthening muscles you have never used before.

You can carry out your workouts three or four times a week and these can be either workouts by muscle groups such as:

Day 1 – Back, Biceps

Day 2 – Chest, Triceps

Day 3 – Shoulders, Legs

Or you could try full body workouts by carrying out one exercise for each muscle group to give and overall workout.


There are many women in this world that have found weight training for women to be a brilliant alternative to the mundane use of treadmills, exercise bikes and steppers. Through this alternative training route using weights many women have also found the best way to lose weight, get in shape and achieve that body they have always wanted.

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Get Fit with the Hits of the 60s

20 Nov

Download the Playlist and Follow this 30 Minute Work-out Plan

fitness music

These half-hour work-out suggestions are aimed to get your muscles working and raise your heart-rate whist taking you through the hits of your favourite era. Thanks to 21st century innovation we have the power to pick-and-choose from the vast back catalogues of our best-loved artists and create personalised compilations with the click of a mouse. There are over a hundred websites where you can now legally download your top tracks one by one. Download the songs from the playlist now and get ready to work-out!

Hit The Road Jack – Ray Charles

Start with simple knee-lifts:Stand upright, legs shoulder-width apart, with your arms stretched upwards above your head. Pull one knee and both arms in using your abdominal muscles. Lift the knee above your belly-button if possible… then change legs. After 20 repetitions (10 on each leg) alternate this exercise with a wide-leg squat. With legs wide apart squat a low as you can go keeping the back straight. Remember: you knees shouldn’t ever be further forward that your toes when performing any type of squats.

The Twist – Chubby Checker

The Oblique crunch is a twist on the usual sit up exercise to tone-up the abs. Lie on the floor and do as you would for ordinary crunches – but twist your upper body so that your left elbow touches your right thigh. Next time switch so that right elbow meets right thigh. Simple!

It’s In His Kiss – Betty Everett

Lie flat on your back with your knees bent. Begin with hip-raises (see picture below)– lifting your hips off the ground as high as you can and then lowering gently. In the chorus switch to toe-touches. From the same starting position, with your arms by your sides, twist from the abs either left or right to touch your right heel with you right hand. Change arms and repeat.

Shout – Lulu and The Luvvers

Gather your energy… At a steady pace to begin with, star-jump through the verses. See if you can increase your speed and keep up with the beat as the song intensifies.

Mellow Yellow – Donovan

You’ll need either some hand-weights or some soup-cans from the kitchen for this one. Begin with your forearm that’s holding the weight parallel with the floor. Gently curl upwards so that the weight touches your shoulder. After 20 repetitions of this bicep curl change to a shoulder press. With the weight in your hand and your hand touching the shoulder of the same side, extend the arm straight upward above your head and then gently lower.

Good Vibrations – The Beach Boys

During each verse exercise your abs by lying supported by your forearms and your toes in a position known as The Plank (see picture below). You should feel your stomach muscles working very hard! Allow you knees to touch the ground during the chorus and see how many half press-ups you can fit in before returning to the plank.

Heard It Through The Grapevine – Marvin Gaye

Work hard for this last track alternating forward lunges. Keep your back straight and lunge forward with one leg. The knees will be bent, so dip the hips down – so that the knee almost touches the ground- then back up. Bring the leg back in to starting position and change legs. Push yourself, it’ll feel great afterwards.

Stay tuned for Get Fit with Hits of the 70s

Purchasing Fitness Equipment

2 Oct

Be an informed shopper when selecting fitness equipment

When purchasing fitness equipment you’ll want to take your time and do a little research. Considering you’ll be using it for years to come (right!), you’ll want to shop around to find that piece(s) of equipment that meets all the needs you set out to fill.

fitness equipment

When purchasing fitness equipment consider:

A) Goals- what’s your intended purpose for purchasing fitness equipment

  1. Strength training
  2. Aerobic endurance
  3. Flexibility
  4. Combination of two or all

B) Operation-can anyone in the home use the equipment

  1. How easy is to set up
  2. How easy is it to adjust
  3. How easy is it to operate

C) Cost- you can spend as much or as little as you’d like

  1. How much are you willing to invest
  2. Do you want to make installment or one payment
  3. Do you want top of the line equipment or something you can afford (if you shop carefully you should be able to find something dependable and reasonably priced)

D) Dependability- how durable is the equipment

  1. Quality can be reflect in the price, but not always
  2. Do some research, check consumer reports to determine if there are any complaint or recalls concerning the equipment or manufacture you plan on purchasing from
  3. If equipment has moving part is it put together soundly
  4. Inspect frame, padding, cables and pulleys; generally with proper maintenance (cleaning and tightening) these part will last

E) Safety- learn to use equipment safely

  1. Are there children in the home
  2. Are moving parts enclosed
  3. Is there a risk of smashing or pinching limbs or fingers
  4. Is equipment stable when in use/not in use
  5. When lifting heavy free weights use a spotter

F) Appearance- for some equipment must look inviting

  1. Will looks motivate you to use your equipment
  2. Do gadgets and lights make it more appealing; they can however require more service than a simpler piece of equipment
  3. Gadgets may intimidate some users, make sure you have a realistic comfort level when purchasing the equipment (if your willing to learn your new equipment this won’t matter as much)
  4. Will equipment be in the open (how does it blend in with the ambiance of the room) or a designated gym area

G) Space- How much space have you designated for your equipment

  1. There should be ample room to operate your equipment, make sure you measure floor space and ceiling height
  2. If equipment comes assembled will it fit through doorways, stairwells and hallways
  3. Will it be stored when not in use
  4. Consider the weight of your equipment; can your floor handle the weight of equipment and user, can it be moved easily for cleaning, storage

H) Service- this is important

  1. If not assembled will store assemble
  2. Does equipment have a warrant (if not consider an alternative piece of equipment with a warranty)
  3. What is the length of warranty
  4. What’s included in warranty; parts, labor, maintenance
  5. Is there a return policy

I) Test it out, if you can’t test it out can you return it within 30 days

  1. Is it comfortable
  2. Easy to use
  3. Is it quiet when in use
  4. Is it unstable or shaky at certain speeds

The Laws of Clothing Shopping:

If you like it, they don’t have it in your size.

If you like it and it fits, you can’t afford it.

If you like it, it fits and you can afford it, it falls apart the first time you wear it.

If the shoe fits, it’s ugly. -Proverb-

Female Health: Detox your Skin

10 Feb


If you got an oily T-zone, or breakouts around the jaw or neck,  you may need to detox. Sometimes the skin will feel spongy with visible signs of cellulite and you may have spots near the major lymph nodes under your arms or around your groin area.

Herbal teas are excellent for re-hydrating your skin and flushing toxins, as is water.  Drink two to three liters and exercise for 30 minutes every day to sweat toxins out. Milk thistle is a great supplement to help activate natural liver functionl. If you can, use a sauna or steam room, followed by gentle exfoliation.

herbal tea

Also start body brushing daily to stimulate your lymphatic system and boost circulation. Expect a spotty face as your detox kicks in and impurities are drawn to the surface. Try products made with natural antiseptic manuka honey. If your skin is dehydrated, use a facial oil, such as rose orargan. Ali suggests spritzing your face with a water-based mist, before applying oil, so the moisture is drawn deep into your skin.

skin care

Maintain Your Physical Condition in Winter

15 Jan

When it’s cold, your body will take longer to heat up. Without a decent warm-up, you could be physically and psychologically less ready to exercise. Take a minimum of 15 minutes to get into your workout. Wear layers you can easily peel off – invest in a long-sleeve top that has thumb loops, so it covers your hands as well as arms, and can be tied around your waist when you get warm. Gradually increase the intensity until you’re raring to go.

It might be cold outside, but there are a number of benefits to exercising outdoors during winter. Lots of us suffer from seasonal affective disorder and many more of us can feel down because of the lack of light and warmth. Winter sun can still brighten up your day though. Crisp, cold but bright, sunny mornings should be a signal for you to get outside in the fresh air: go for long walks, run or try our circuit of exercises in the park. You’ll also get a much-needed boost of vitamin D.

winter runs

Boring gym programs can lead to laziness. Set a target of 90 minutes of cardio and 60 minutes of strength training each week. You can build up to this over several weeks and divide it up however you like – the more varied, the better. Add up your total strength and total cardio minutes by keeping notes on each workout in your diary.

The following circuit can be done in the gym, at home or in the park. Keep your posture upright and connect to your core (tummy in, shoulders down) at all times.

a) Warm up for 15 minutes by walking, jogging, marching or squatting on the spot.

b) Step up and down on a step or bench 30-40cm high for two minutes, or skip.

c) Lunge backwards for two minutes: step back with one foot, lunge down, come back to the start: repeat on the other leg.

d) Do press-ups against a wall or on a bench for one minute.

e) Hold a plank position: rest on your elbows and knees (or feet) and hold your body straight for one minute. Repeat steps b) to e) two to four times.

f) Cool down: walk around and stretch out legs, back and chest muscles.

winter circuit exercises

Female Fitrness: Exercise to Stay Young

26 Nov

Regular exercise is essential if you want to slow down the clock. And scientists have now discovered that doing at least three hours of vigorous exercise a week can make you biologically nine years younger.

A study at King’s College, London, looked at 1.200 pairs of non-identical and identical twins. Researchers analyses the twins’ telomeres – ‘caps’ at the end of chromosomes that protect them from damage – which shorten with age. Those who exercised regularly had longer telomeres and this female athletehad significant health and anti-ageing effects.Aerobic exercise keeps the heart, lungs and circulation healthy, while regular resistance work keeps your bones strong and helps your muscles and joints stay young and flexible. Weight-bearing exercise, such as walking and running, are especially beneficial because they stress the bones, increasing the rate at which they regenerate.

Regular exercise also helps prevent age-related weight gain. Research shows that after the age of 20 the lack of exercise results in one pound of muscle loss every two years. Resistance work will help you retain your lean muscle mass. Ideally, you should aim to do 30 minutes of weight-bearing exercise at least three times a week. Exercise can help age-erase your looks too. It feeds your skin with oxygen and the nutrients needed for collagen production. Studies show women who workout regularly have firmer skin than non-exercisers.

Finally, remember to balance vigorous exercise with a more soothing mind and body session, such as yoga, to reduce stress levels and flood your body with anti-ageing hormones. Scientists at Ohio State University found women who regularly practice yoga had lower inflammation markers in their blood.

women training

Female Fitness: Benefits of Yoga

23 Oct

Regular yoga practice can help fight off depression, reduce anxiety and help you stay calm, shows new US research. Boston University School of Medicine researchers found three yoga sessions a week boosted levels of the brain chemical GABA in the body. gamma-aminobutyric acid, is the most abundant inhibitory neurotransmitter in the brain. While GABA is an amino acid, it is classified as a neurotransmitter and helps induce relaxation and sleep. It balances the brain by inhibiting over-excitation. GABA contributes to motor control, vision, and many other cortical functions. Anxiety is also regulated by GABA.

yoga female

This amino acid is essential for healthy brain function and the central nervous system and low levels are linked with depression and anxiety disorders. The study looked at two groups of people – one group walked for three hours a week, while the other group did three hours of yoga. Brain scans showed those doing yoga had much higher levels of GABA than the walkers; they also reported lower levels of anxiety plus boosted mood.

Female Fitness: Triangle Pose (Tadasana)

10 Oct

This exercise is good for energising the lower body, stretching the back, strengthening and building flexibility in your feet, ankles, legs and hips.

triange pose

How to do it:

• Stand so your feet are wide apart (toes facing forward) and maintain a strong stance with your legs by grounding your soles into the mat and tensing your thigh muscles. Your arms should be outstretched at shoulder height (palms facing down). Stand tall through your spine and relax your shoulders. This starting position is called tadasana.

•  Take a deep breath and turn your left foot out 90. Turn your leg at the hip so your knee stays In line with your toes. Your right foot should turn in about 15.

•  Stretch your torso sideways over your left leg without leaning forward and reach to touch the floor by your heel. Push your right hip out to help you lower into the stretch. Stretch your right arm up,  pointing your fingertips to the ceiling with your palm facing forward.

•  Look up towards your right hand and take five to 10 long, slow breaths, feeling the stretch in your right side.

•  As you exhale for the final time. slowly return to tadasana. with your toes facing forward. Repeat on the other side

If you want to make it harder draw your left hip back and out as far as possible to keep your torso straight and to extend the stretch.

Female Fitness: Training Your Face

28 Aug

This is a four‐step process.

Pull hair up in a ponytail before you start so you don’t miss any parts.

female model face

First, prep skin by gently cleansing and exfoliating. Skip moisturizer, which may interfere with the tanner. Again, apply no creams on the face.

Step two: Apply under eye cream. According to major make up artists, you want the color of your skin to be lighter under the eyes; it makes you look younger.

Step three: blend a few drops of self‐tanner and equal parts moisturizer in the palm of your hand then apply over face and neck. You only want to go one shade darker than your natural color.

Step four: Let color develop for three hours then follow up with a sweep of bronzer on forehead, cheeks and nose ‐ areas where the sun naturally shines.

Don’t forget: Smooth remaining tanner over earlobes and upper ears. You don’t want white ears and a darker face! Wash hands thoroughly and most importantly, don’t skip the sunscreen!