Weight Training for Women

19 Feb

There has been a long held myth by the ladies of this world that if they carry out weight training they will find their muscles grow big and the wonderful female physique they have will fade. This could not be further from the truth; in fact many women have achieved the body of their dreams through weight training.

To put into perspective what we are going to talk about today we will use the story of one of the world’s most well known female figure competitors, Tiffany Forni.

tiffany forni

Tiffany Forni had realized during her college years she had put on quite a bit of weight and decided to try weight lifting as her method of losing the pounds and getting into shape. After some research Tiffany chose a bodybuilding workout and put her research into practice.

Within one year Tiffany had lost 100 pounds (45 kilograms) and achieved the body she really wanted. Not long after this Tiffany actually started competing in figure competitions as her weight loss had been such a great achievement.

So how does weight training for women really work?

It is simple, weight training for women works because weight training is a form of exercise so you’re burning calories during your training. Unlike other training regimes though weight lifting will also increase muscle through your workouts.

When you increase muscle your body requires more calories per day to perform its normal tasks, without carrying out any exercise. Scientists say that for every pound of muscle (just less than half a kilogram) your body carries you will burn an extra 60 calories a day without doing anything.

While many of you are saying “I don’t want loads of muscles”. Muscle actually weighs more than fat so if you have a pound of fat in one hand and a pound of muscle in another the hand with fat in it will hold a larger quantity. Overall this means that as you train your fat will lower and your muscle will increase a little.

On top of all this weight training for women will also have the added benefit of toning everything up for you too! We all know how much the ladies of the world want a toned body; well weight training will help achieve this.

Weight training for women workouts

For ladies who wish to start weight training to lose weight and tone up the best option is a low weight high rep workout. This will give a great exercise session that will not only make you work hard but will also start using and strengthening muscles you have never used before.

You can carry out your workouts three or four times a week and these can be either workouts by muscle groups such as:

Day 1 – Back, Biceps

Day 2 – Chest, Triceps

Day 3 – Shoulders, Legs

Or you could try full body workouts by carrying out one exercise for each muscle group to give and overall workout.


There are many women in this world that have found weight training for women to be a brilliant alternative to the mundane use of treadmills, exercise bikes and steppers. Through this alternative training route using weights many women have also found the best way to lose weight, get in shape and achieve that body they have always wanted.

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