Estrogen Control

7 Feb

Estrogen control was paramount for health and long-term result potential. But estrogen can increase IGF-1 production too, which was good. Estrogen also increases androgen receptor-site sensitivity. So researchers wanted estrogen to run rampid for the first two weeks of Frank’s Max Androgen Phases without allowing it to cause gyno and female pattern fat deposits. They  used an estrogen antagonist to block receptor-sites but allowed plasma estrogen levels to remain high.

anabolic pills

Using Clomid as an example, it has been my experience that a novice AAS user required (if any) only 50 mg/d (50 mg per day). And an intermediate AAS user required 20-30 mg/d. An advanced AAS user commonly required 30-50 mg/d. A very advanced AAS user sometimes required 40-60 mg/d, and in most cases, some additional help from an aromatase inhibitor.

The key was to watch for signs of gyno and female pattern fat deposits, while keeping a close eye on blood pressure. This was always of the utmost concern during the building the muscles. High blood pressure can introduce a variety of long term and life threatening negative side effects.

Estrogen levels were kept near normal or below before we exited the AAS protocols. There were added an estrogen esterase inhibitor at about day 15 of a Max Androgen Phase to clear the system of excess estrogen before we exited. I have not noted many novice AAS/Max Androgen Phase users whom needed this precaution. But this was in relevance to dosages administered.


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