Female Fitness: Triangle Pose (Tadasana)

10 Oct

This exercise is good for energising the lower body, stretching the back, strengthening and building flexibility in your feet, ankles, legs and hips.

triange pose

How to do it:

• Stand so your feet are wide apart (toes facing forward) and maintain a strong stance with your legs by grounding your soles into the mat and tensing your thigh muscles. Your arms should be outstretched at shoulder height (palms facing down). Stand tall through your spine and relax your shoulders. This starting position is called tadasana.

•  Take a deep breath and turn your left foot out 90. Turn your leg at the hip so your knee stays In line with your toes. Your right foot should turn in about 15.

•  Stretch your torso sideways over your left leg without leaning forward and reach to touch the floor by your heel. Push your right hip out to help you lower into the stretch. Stretch your right arm up,  pointing your fingertips to the ceiling with your palm facing forward.

•  Look up towards your right hand and take five to 10 long, slow breaths, feeling the stretch in your right side.

•  As you exhale for the final time. slowly return to tadasana. with your toes facing forward. Repeat on the other side

If you want to make it harder draw your left hip back and out as far as possible to keep your torso straight and to extend the stretch.

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