Craig Ballantyne

27 Apr

Craig BallantyneWho is the great man behind the phenomenal and ground breaking program Turbulence Training? Behind this program is the renowned author and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), Craig Ballantyne. He is a self-made fitness trainer that has worked hard to forge a name for him and studied hard to create this world class program.

Craig began as a training coach and writer for such prestigious magazines as Women’s Health, GQ, Maxim, National Geographic, Men’s Fitness, and Muscle and Fitness Hers. This has given him access to some of the world’s best on such important things as myofibril growth, mitochondrial stimulation, and burning fat.

He also carries a Master’s of Science Degree in Exercise Physiology from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, giving him a knowledge set that is hard to beat. He ahs also been featured with his exercise programs in most of the most famous fitness magazines in our modern world.

Turbulence Training is by far the most well known work of the famed Craig Ballantyne. This is a top program dedicated to mastering all the muscles in your body and providing a means via which your body can continue to face muscular confusion on a daily basis. His program is program that aims at shaping and sculpting your body through the primary means of weight and resistance training based on dumbbell and body weight exercises, along with a solid foundation of interval training.

This program is for those interested in serious toning of their bodies and sculpting a seriously chiseled physique. Craig studied hard and long to create this program and the statistics that this course is based on are all solidly grounded in scientific research. He had dedicated many hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in investing in the research that would enable him to make a program that would work for all. Another key feature of Craig Ballantyne’s program is the incredible adaptability of it. It is adjustable for people of all natures, builds, as well as athletic capabilities.
Some of his more known tips are:

  •  Focusing on weight training and nutrition more than cardio for fat burning.
  •  Working with difficult body weight angles in order to create more core power and strength
  •  Using legs as a way to build abs
  •  What are the proper nutrition steps to take to create a good physique
  •  How to correctly build your shoulders without injuring them


He has enhanced the understanding of the fitness world, and as you study with him, his understanding will further your knowledge and level of fitness for life. He encourages all that you can reach your goals and is living proof and testament that what he states works.

Simply, working with Craig Ballantyne for any type of fitness is an excellent idea. His learning is not only applicable for this course, but his work also teaches useful principles for everyday exercise and further exercise programs. Taking steps with his Turbulence Training will kick your butt and take your fitness to a whole new level.

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