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Deadly Bodybuilding Myths You Don’t Know

5 May

There are so many unproven bodybuilding myths that are still around us. Would you believe me if I said you are being scammed out of 90% of the muscle growth you should be getting because you have been mislead and misinformed by one or all of these deadly bodybuilding myths. Here are the first three of six bodybuilding myths that must be dispelled!

bodybuilding myths

Bodybuilding Myth #1

Train like a bodybuilder to become a bodybuilder.

This is the message screamed by the bodybuilding world. While this mantra may have inspired millions via popular bodybuilding magazines, it has also mislead millions by re-printing and rehashing irresponsible training nonsense that will wreak havoc on your body and make you just another one of the herd.

Imitating the training of the ‘champion’ bodybuilder is one of the most costly frauds in the exercise world because the ‘instruction’ from elite bodybuilders has no practical relevance for average people like you and me who are without gifted genetic potential and are drug-free.

The traditional 5-7 day splits, 5 exercises per muscle, 24 set chest routine is training suicide for the average trainee not spending a couple thousand dollars a week on special ‘vitamins’. Not only are these magazines useless but they will cause injuries, over-training, and illness. The books and magazines will not tell you that the drugs and genetics were responsible for curing their problem of being a hard gainer. Supplements, ‘better training’, and more dedication are their ‘secrets’ so you are told.

Bodybuilding Myth #2

Train for the ‘holy’ pump.

The ‘muscle pump‘ is described as putting your muscles under an extended period of constant tension. As your muscles stretch and contract they become gorged with blood which makes them feel tighter and fuller.

Getting a muscle pump is not necessarily what causes the muscle to grow – doing 100 reps with a light rep will create a huge pump – but does this make a muscle grow? Of course not! Distance runners get a pump in their legs when they sprint uphill. Do they get big muscles? Heck no!

Most bodybuilders swear by the ‘pump‘ and preach that you are shuttling more nutrients into the muscle – but is that what is really happening? Sure it feels great, like Arnold says in the unforgettable scene in Pumping Iron, but all that is occurring is a ‘back-up’ of blood. The blood is ‘stuck’ inside the muscle, which creates that worshiped tight and full look.

The blood that’s backed up into the muscle has hit a dead end and has nowhere to go. If you had fresh new blood that would be great, but unfortunately you just have old, stale blood getting ready for a snooze. That will not help you gain weight or build muscle mass!

The pump that is built up by the blood in your muscles will usually occur after you repeat set after set, which results in the famous “burning” sensation known as lactic acid. Lactic acid forms in the absence of oxygen. Lactic acid is a WASTE product and does nothing to build muscle weight.

Now if you are lifting extremely heavy weights and achieving a pump then this is a very good indication that you are making the muscle fibers work fully. I would only use the pump as an indicator to reveal how well you are ‘targeting’ the working muscle. Not as you guide to mark your success.

Bodybuilding Myth #3

You MUST train until failure.

Training to ‘failure‘ has probably received more debate, misinterpretation, and improper logic resulting in too much wasted effort. Going to failure– going to the point in a set where you are physically incapable of going just one more rep, hence you ‘fail’ – is preached as the most promised way to make continuous muscle gains. Interestingly, there is no activity outside the gym that demonstrates this ‘going to failure’ principle is as critical as bodybuilders have employed.

Growing up as a long distance runner I often stood by and watched the sprinters compete, and was astonished by their tremendous quadriceps and hamstring muscle. Yet I never remember watching any sprinter on my team train until failure, nor do I recall them ever sprinting through the finish line and collapsing. Yet they demonstrated a greater amount of muscular work in less time each time they practiced and raced.

Also, I will never forget the phenomenal muscularity of the construction workers I used to work with when I laid bricks and framed houses. Yet I never recall them carrying timber around the yard until they could not pick up one more 2 x 4. Nor do I remember the bricklayers moving the bricks around until they could not move them anymore. Both of these groups had incredible muscularity and were able to stimulate muscle growth without going to failure. So why do so many command that ‘failure’ is an absolute law for stimulating muscle growth when much evidence shows otherwise?

Improving your body’s sensitivity to the cold does not require you to go outside in the middle of winter with no clothes on prior to passing out. If you want to improve your tan, it isn’t necessary to subject your skin to the sun prior to the moment of blistering. If you want to improve your ability to hold your breath under water, do you need to go to the point just prior to losing consciousness?

Since your body’s primary function in life is to survive it will adapt only to the point where your body has sufficient defense to whatever element it is exposed. Similarly, when lifting weights your body will adapt to the intensity you have exposed it to over time while maintaining your recovery resources. As you can see, muscle growth stimulation operates on the same principle and does not require over killing your muscles’ absolute limit.

Bodybuilding Myth #4

Low reps are for size and high reps are for cutting.

Your muscles do not have much personality – they are either growing, shrinking or staying the same.

If you want your muscle to grow then gradually force your muscles to do more work and outperform your last workout’s performance. If you are content with the size of your muscles right now then this is easy – just keep doing what you are doing. And to make the muscle smaller, this is even easier – simply do not train it.

You can not pick certain exercises to get a muscle ‘cut‘ or make a muscle ‘huge‘ – this theory holds no water. Muscle ‘cuts’ are a reflection of two criteria on the body: pure muscle size and low levels of body fat (in the single digits). So if you want to build massive muscles get ready to apply the fundamental principle of progressive overload. And if you wish to get ‘cut’ and ‘ripped’ be prepared to drop your body fat levels into the single digits.

Next time you hear someone say, “I just lift light weights to get toned,” then pat them on the back and point them in the direction of the cardio room as a better option. Light weights do not build muscle, period. They will burn calories and that’s all. You’re better off maximizing your time by burning calories running or doing jumping jacks. And if you see someone with the goal to get bigger and they are a cardio junkie – grab their hand and lead them to the heavy weights.

Bodybuilding Myth #5

Monday is chest day, Tuesday is Leg day, Wednesday is Back day…

Splitting up a routine is preached like ‘gospel‘ and is rarely on trial or questioned as the way to structure a muscle building routine.

And sure, splitting up a routine is fine and has some benefits BUT it is also the fastest way to over-train and burn out. Remember that you do not get stronger in the gym – you get stronger and bigger when you go home, rest, sleep, eat and FULLY recover.

To SUPERCOMPENSATE from your previous workout your muscles are not the only things that must experience a full recovery. Do not neglect the fact that you are taxing and depleting your central nervous system, hormonal system, and immune system – systems that, in fact, take longer than your muscles to recover.

Just because your muscles say, “OK we feel fine, let’s train again,” you must still experience a FULL recovery prior to attempting to stimulate your muscles again for more muscle growth.

Consider this practical example. What is the best way to cure a sickness? By taking an entire bottle of aspirin in one sitting? Or taking smaller dosages at more frequent intervals? I hope you agreed with the second solution. So what is the best way to build muscle? Taking one huge dosage per muscle group per week? Or taking smaller and more frequent dosages on a muscle group?

Bodybuilding Myth #6

Shock’ your muscle and keep them ‘guessing.’

This has got to be one of the silliest and most misleading statements ever made (no hard feelings because in theory it can be convincing). Interestingly, the people who used to give me this advice must have been ‘shocking‘ or ‘tricking’ their muscles the wrong way because they had no muscle mass on their bodies to back up that statement.

If you think about this myth long enough you might start to laugh. Do you think you can really change your exercises and training routine to ‘surprise‘ your body and get a different reaction out of them?

Your muscles do not have outside eyes that reward you with new muscle growth if you ‘confuse’ them. Your muscles understand MOVEMENT and that’s all – push, pull, curl, extend, contract or release – that’s it. You can be lifting bags of sand or dead lifting 400 pounds and the action on your back is the same – your knees bend and your trunk flexes. So where is the shock? Why would your back muscles say, “Holy Macaroni Batman, you’re lifting with an Olympic bar and not sand bags anymore. Better pack on some muscle.”

Or maybe you can switch up the order of your routine by hitting a weak body part twice in the week. If you only train your arms once in the week and then ‘strategically’ throw arms in twice one week they will be ‘confused’ and ‘shocked’ into growing. Please! Your muscles operate on laws of science, not on laws of trickery.

Forget trying to shock, confuse, trick or ‘keep the muscle guessing.’ The only thing that will be shocked and confused is the person messing around with this theory who has no clue why their body has not changed in a month since they started this magic show.

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How To Choose the Most Effective Body Building Supplement

26 Jan

So many supplements on the market claim that they are the best. However, it should be remembered that the most important choice facing the customer is in picking supplements that will give them the best workout results for their particular sport or discipline.


Protein is a good and effective body building supplement and it is recommended by many muscle building experts. Protein helps bring all the necessary muscle building enzymes to where they need to be. Boosting energy level is important for building muscle and protein is an essential aspect of that.

Whey Protein

Whey protein is one of the best protein supplements. Anyone looking to build strength or endurance will not want to miss this particular type of protein when applying their program. However, it must be remembered that the right dosages and amounts of whey protein are crucial for having good results of muscle building.


Creatine is another bodybuilding supplement that should be taken into account. Creatine is good for combating tiredness and enhancing performance during muscle building workouts. As such, creatine is a potent supplement for boosting rapid muscle building. Although this substance is produced naturally in the body, it is still useful to take a creatine supplement to enhance its level.


Among the user reviews, glutamine is the supplement that seems to bring most bodybuilders the very best of results during workout. Glutamine is a key component in the bringing of much needed muscle re-building nutrients. This particular supplement will assist the muscles’ functionality and help muscles grow larger and to be toned.

Making the Right Choice in Body Building Supplements

The opinion of which bodybuilding supplement is best is different from person to person. Picking the right muscle building supplement will help body builders, or simply those wishing to improve their performance, realize their desired goals. Picking the right bodybuilding supplement which will have certain results will make a big difference in helping to sustain a workout instead of resulting in early exhaustion and inefficiency.

While selecting supplements, do some research and choose one with proven results. The results usually are exaggerated by the supplement companies, so those in the market for body building products should be careful while choosing a muscle building supplement. In order to make the right choice, body builders should examine the online reviews of certain products as other body builders’ testimonials are the best indicator of whether the particular body building supplement is effective or not.

Bodybuilding in Venice Beach, CA

22 Jan

Venice, California is known for being a trendsetting locale, and bodybuilding is certainly one of its most popular draws. It is why Venice is often referred to as Muscle Beach. It is said that California Governor (and former actor) Arnold Schwarzenegger heightened the interest in pumping iron when he relocated from Europe. Not only did he train at the world famous Gold’s Gym in Venice, it was the site of the popular cult film, Pumping Iron, which introduced Schwarzenegger to the movie-going public. Today, Gold’s Gym has expanded with branches in cities across the country, and Muscle Beach (which serious bodybuilders believe go hand in hand) is an attraction that still draws thousands of spectators yearly.

Bodybuilding in Venice Beach

Muscle Beach

The history of Muscle Beach is long and illustrious. It dates back to the 1930’s when thousands used to gather and watch the gymnastics performed by Muscle Beach regulars, stuntmen, circus performers, and athletes. It was also a spot where celebrities, such as Kirk Douglas, Clark Gable, Jayne Mansfield, Jane Russell, and Mae West liked to hang out. Body builders like Vic Tanney and Joe Gold (founder of Gold’s Gym and World Gym) used the gym’s resources to sculpt their bodies and stay fit. It was also home to famous body builders like Jack LaLanne and Steve “Hercules” Reeves. It even inspired the popular 1964 film classic, Muscle Beach Party, starring teen idols, Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello.

Clearly, Muscle Beach (also referred to as “The Pen”) has never lost its allure over the decades, but it has upgraded and is now considered one of the most popular attractions along the Venice Beach Boardwalk. Nowadays, you will find a gated, fully restored outdoor gym that features chin and parallel bars, rings, small jungle gyms for kids, and a padded safe gymnastics area for tumbling. There’s also the bleachers where hundreds of spectators can sit and observe the body builders pump iron (Sundays are the best day) or watch the contests that are held regularly. Further, in September of 2007 the Walk of Fame was established. Twenty three bodybuilder notables (such as Rachel McLish, the first woman Ms. Olympia and Mickey Hargitay, 1955 Mr. Universe and father of Law and Order’s Mariska Hargitay), were inducted. To honor them, each was given a bronze plaque mounted on the outside of the weight pen. New inductees are added during the yearly May ceremony.

Gold’s Gym

Gold’s Gym in Venice (established in 1964) is considered the Mecca of Bodybuilding. This is where it all began. It is considered the prime spot to pump some serious iron. As Tyler Durden, competitive bodybuilder and member of the NPC (National Physics Committee) points out: “For those of us who are serious and compete, this is a lifestyle. You eat right, you don’t drink or smoke, and you get plenty of rest. If you’re not serious about this, someone else will come along that is.” Concurs 51 year old body builder, Ron King: “It takes discipline and it’s healthy. That’s what matters.”

This world-renowned gym has turned out countless champion bodybuilders. Besides 47,000 square feet of Nautilus machines and free weights, the walls are lined with floor to ceiling mirrors. At any given time, you’ll see serious bodybuilders pumping iron to a rock and roll beat. Located at 360 Hampton Drive (three streets inland from the beach), Gold’s Gym opens daily at 5 a.m. and stays open until midnight. On weekends it’s open from 4 a.m. until midnight.

Upcoming Events

Late spring and summer are the best times of the year to catch some fun bodybuilding events:

  • The Muscle Beach International Classic on May 25-26.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Muscle Beach held on July 4th. This offers novice and open divisions for men and women bodybuilding and figure.
  • Muscle Beach Midsummer’s-Eve Fitness Pageant. There will be two categories: Figure Competitors and Bikini Models.
  • The Muscle Beach Championship, held on September 1st.
  • Body Building and Figure Demonstration held on Sundays from 2-4 on May 18th, June 29th, July 6th, and August 31st. It’s free to the public. Remember, huge crowds are expected to attend these events so prepare to arrive at the beach early.

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Weight Machines Safety Tips

4 Nov
Weight MachineCustom fit each machine. Some machines require a single adjustment, such as the seat height, while others require two or more adjustments: Usually in these cases you just pull a pin out of the hole, lower or raise the seat, and then put the pin back in place. Some machines are so simple to adjust that they don’t even involve a pin. With practice, fitting the machine to your body becomes an usual and simple task. However, you should remember that using a weight machine that doesn’t fit your body is uncomfortable or even dangerous. When you strain to reach a handle or sit with your knees digging into your chest, you’re at great risk to pull a muscle or wrench a joint. After you make an adjustment, jiggle the seat or the backrest to make sure that you’ve locked it securely in place.Watch your fingers. Sometimes a machine’s weight stack gets stuck in midair. Don’t try to rectify the situation yourself by fiddling with the plates. Instead you should call a staff member for assistance. There were cases when gym member try to fix a weight stack himself. The stack came crashing down, sandwiching his fingers between the weight plates.

Buckle up. If a machine has a seat belt you are required to use it. The seat belt prevents you from wasting muscle power squirming around to stay in place as you move the bar or lever of the machine. You’re most likely to find seat belts on older models of the inner/outer thigh, pullover, seated leg curl, and triceps dip machines.

Don’t try to invent new uses for the machinery. You wouldn’t use your favorite t-shirt to dust the house, right? You wouldn’t use your monitor as a step-stool to reach the top cupboard. So don’t use a chest machine to strengthen your legs or other parts of your body.

Amino Acids Essential for Muscle Growth

23 Apr

Muscle mass declines gradually in middle age, a condition called sarcopenia. Muscle loss eventually leads to decreased strength and quality of life. Muscle is in a constant state of synthe­sis and breakdown and requires ade­quate protein intake to maintain size, even when overloaded thramino acids formulaough weight training. Amino acids that make up pro­teins serve as chemical signalers and building blocks for muscle proteins.

Researchers from McMaster University summarized how weight training and protein intake cause mus­cle growth. Leucine is the key amino acid for turning onboybuilder muscle protein syn­thesis (mTOR pathway), but muscle hypertrophy grinds to a halt without the full complement of essential amino acids. Following intense resistance exercise, muscle protein synthesis occurs in direct proportion to protein intake, peaking at 20-40 grams. The mTOR pathway is most active in fast-twitch muscle fibers, which respond best to high-intensity weight training. Peak muscle growth occurs when you concentrate on these fibers by empha­sizing high-stress training programs.

People over 40 years of age are less responsive to key amino acids, so they should consume protein often during the day to maintain muscle mass and prevent atrophy (muscle breakdown). Older adults should combine weight training and adequate protein intake to preserve muscle mass as they age.

Clenbuterol – Condition & Weight Loss

21 Apr

Clenbuterol is great for ripping the fat, but remember not to take to much as the shakes will rip you strongly! You must know that it is best to take these at one or two at a time throughout the day, no matter what they say. I would suggest about 3-4 per day taken gradually.

clenbuterolSome people can get quite good muscular gains from this product as well as losing fat at a good rate. We must warn you that it is best to take this oral at four week intervals then come off for a week or two. The reason is that many found that with continued use – no breaks – the fat loss can be reversed and you find that shit loads of weight can be put on in no time. I know it happened to me and I was shocked until I found the reason why. Bodybuilders cracked it though by adding the tablets in at one at a time as I said at around four per day and came off after the fourth week and was back on after a short break.

But once you have got this one cracked, the fat can just rip off you easily – especially if you are watching the carbs. Another good tip is to take Clenbuterol about an hour before you train.You will feel that the pumps are well and truly  hot and the fat seems to flow off like nothing else.

The Essence of EMS

13 Apr

emsElectromyostimulation (EMS)  has gained some visibility because of the modern use of EMS gadgets sold to the general public. These cheap substitutes are often quite ineffective because they don’t offer the proper current modulation and contract/relax time necessary to produce results. Because of the inefficacy of these popular devices, EMS in general has taken a step back in the eye of many athletes and coaches. This is bad news, because EMS offers many things that could be of great benefit to anybody wanting to improve his physical capacities and muscle mass.

EMS is very popular with European athletes (Justine Henin-Hardenne and Hermann Maier to name a few) and has been researched extensively (and on athletes, not sedentary subjects) with very positive results.

We believe that EMS can be of great use to athletes, whether it is for increased strength, power, speed, or recovery. Here we present to you the benefits of such training methods so that you can make up your own mind.ems procedure

Benefits of EMS

I. Preferential recruitment of fast-twitch fibers

II. Increase in muscle strength

III. Increase in muscle mass

IV. Increase in jumping height (power)

V. Improvement in running speed

VI. Increased recovery

VII. Prevention of atrophy

Anapolon – Mass and Strength

6 Apr

In essence Oxy’sanapolon can literally make anything grow – if it suits you. This is important to note. Not everyone will get on with this steroid. It is basically the strongest oral available and the side effects can be heavy water retention, increased blood pressure, zits, attitude problems etc etc especially if the dosages are to high. Many do not listen and over dose on this powerful oral. The people that I have advised have not had any problems, well the ones that have taken the instructions and carried them through.

The best way to take this is over a five week period. At the present time, the Oxy‘s that are available are good, but tend not to be as strong as those of many years ago. The potency has been decreased obviously.

The tablets usually comuscle massme in 50mg strengths. It would be advisable that you start on the first few days on a half a tablet per day and at the end of the first week move it up to one whole one. On the second week move it up to one and a half during the first part of the second week and up to two whole ones by the end etc. You know the system by now. On the third week, try moving the dosage up to three if possible but before you do this, you will know if there has been any problems like  mentioned before. If so, obviously back off and down.

You can use this in conjunction with any other jabs in a mass cycle with no problems. However, ease in the dosages and see what happens as you go along. It is far better this way. Most certainly Nolvadex should be used with this steroid as it aromatizes heavily and obviously is highly anabolic. If it does suit you and you get on with it, the strength and size gains can be phenomenal. It has been preferred by the strength athletes and off season bodybuilders for many years now.

Abdominal Crunches

18 Mar

Crunches are the most basic abdominal exercises in fitness today. There are countless variations on the theme of crunches. In all of them, you begin by lying on your back with your lower back pressed against the mat or floor, your knees bent, and your feet flat on the floor. Begin by contracting the abdominal muscles and then slowly lift and lower your head, shoulders, and upper back.

abdominal crunches

You can select your arm position. If you feel tension in your neck, place your hands behind your head with your fingers interlaced or touching. If your neck does not bother you, you can extend your arms straight in front of you or overhead, or you can place them on your thighs and slide them up as you lift your upper body, shoulders, and head. If you are comfortable doing so, you can cross your hands over your chest. Some trainers advise clients to tuck the chin in; others advise to keep the cervical area straight. Lightening your feet off the floor, thus releasing weight from them, as you lift your upper body makes the crunch more challenging. You can feel this effect by alternately raising your right and left toes with each crunch.

The Importance of Aerobic Exercises

7 Mar

Aerobics classes are one example of a good total-body exercise. To get really dramatic results from this type of activity, however, people often go the high-impact-exercise route, where overuse injuries are common.

Running and jogging on a treadmill are also great exercises for cardiovascular conditioning. But again, they are high-impact exercises that frequently cause an undue amount of damage to the feet, ankles, legs, or hips. If done without regular stretching, these exercises can actually reduce flexibility. Proper use of a treadmill, however, considerably reduces your chances of injury, and it allows you to monitor your heart rate at the same time.


Indoor rowing (on a rowing machine) is one of the top-rated aerobic exercises.

Spinning and indoor rock climbing are two of the best aerobic exercises you can choose—according to some studies, at least. They tend to be gentler on joints and bones than the high-impact exercises, and yet they aid in conditioning all the major upper- and lower-body muscle groups.

Walking on a treadmill has always been a popular exercise, but it needs to be done at a brisk, “power-walking” pace to get the full cardiovascular benefit. Most people don’t walk fast enough, or at a high enough incline, to get an aerobic workout.

treadmill walking