Kyle Leon

26 Mar Kyle Leon

Working with a top trainer and really trusting that his program is all that it needs to be is not always easy. There are many hundreds of trainers simply out there to get money or sell their product to you. When you are interested in really getting the best results in physique and health, working with Kyle Leon and his program The Muscle Maximizer is an excellent choice.

Who is Kyle Leon and how has he become such a great amongst the fitness community? This top trainer began his days as a skinny kid in high school, not an athletic sportsman, just a regular nobody. He was never picked for sports teams, and last in line amongst the chose ones by the ladies. He then decided to move forward, to grow from where he was. He began hitting the gym, found his niche, and has slowly moved up to where he is today. Formerly known as “Lanky Leo”, he has moved up to be a fitness model and weight trainer extraordinaire.

His motto is simply, you can do anything you want to do. You can build a chiseled physique and rock hard body if that is within your priorities. HE has devoted much of his life to research and the study of the human adaptive process, especially pertaining to exercise. He has worked long and hard and has devoted hundreds of hours and thousands and thousands of dollars into research enabling his program to become amongst the world’s finest ranking programs available. Kyle Leon’s devotion and creed of no nonsense has set him apart from his peers and given him the keys to be on the road to success.
What are some of his simpler methodologies, and how can you get your hands on them? He shares in his course some of the following key insights:

  •  He reveals some easy and effective means of breaking through plateaus in working out.
  • He teaches how to gain muscle and burn fat without wasting time back and forth dieting. This is a key to any workout program anywhere.
  • How to stay lean and shredded all year round and not letting the weather affect your look
  • How “upping and downing” puts your body through undue stress and really does not give it the results that you are asking for.
  • His secret techniques for fat shredding. How to get results fast and consistently.
  • He unveils 3 mistakes that can destroy muscle growth and physique development

Kyle Leon really knows his stuff! He uses tips and tricks that are not only useful and applicable in this routine but that will assist you in your health and fitness for the rest of your life. The top program he has created comes with a guarantee of success and thousands of success stories to boot. If you are willing to learn with Kyle Leon, you will get the top results that you deserve. Be willing to work, give it all, and get the great results of working with this pro.

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Jason Ferruggia

24 Mar Jason Ferruggia

Jason Ferruggia is one of the most recognized names in the world of bodybuilding and exercise. He is best known for his exercise program, “Muscle Gaining Secrets”. Thousands of people are finding that the exercise program created by Jason Ferruggia has helped them to gain muscle, but Jason Ferruggia wasn’t always the muscle man he is today.

As a youngster, Jason Ferruggia was always teased and picked on for being a scrawny kid. He received constant bullying at school and was unable to have any sort of meaningful relationships with girls thanks to the fact that he was shunned for being so skinny. By the time he reached middle school, Jason Ferruggia had begun to work out.

He followed the advice of the boyfriend of one of his cousins, who used steroids at the time. He would spend hours every day at the gym, lifting weights and exercising constantly. Despite his best efforts to build muscle and gain weight, he saw little or no results for over five years of daily effort to put on muscle effectively.

By the time he reached high school, Jason Ferruggia weighed 147 pounds and was 6 feet tall. He tried to hide his scrawny body under baggy clothes, and his efforts to gain weight continued well into his college years. As he tried a number of bodybuilding methods, Jason Ferruggia found that none of them worked to help him add any muscle to his scrawny frame.

He began to study exercise science in an effort to discover the most effective way to put on the pounds and muscle, and he began to absorb as much knowledge on the topic as he could. After numerous months attending seminars and lectures, he realized that unless something drastic changed or he began taking steroids, he was going to end up scrawny his entire life.

He realized that he would have to find a completely new method of gaining weight if he actually wanted to build muscle, and he began to dedicate his time to studying over 300 books on the topic. After months of searching for the secrets of the human body, he finally found the technique that would allow him to gain weight effectively.

Within a month of his implementing his new program, he had put on over 20 pounds of muscle. He continued to experiment with the weight gain program, and finally created the program that made him internationally famous, “Muscle Gaining Secrets”. Within months his hard gainer bodybuilding program became recognized as one of the most effective programs for gaining weight.

Today, Jason Ferruggia writes a column called “The Hard Gainer”. He also serves as the chief adviser for Men’s Fitness magazine, writes articles for internet publications and various sites, has appeared on a host of TV shows. Jason Ferruggia is considered one of the world’s foremost experts on fitness, weight gain, and bodybuilding.

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Rusty Moore

18 Mar

The famed Visual Impact fitness program was created by trainer extraordinaire and professional Rusty Moore. He is world known for having created this fine program along with its renown adaptation for women (Visual Impact for Women). He began his career as a simple fitness trainer who then began a famous blog on the subject of fitness and really looking good. He is a promoter of not bulking up too much and really getting a toned and well-proportioned body.

rusty moore

He has created various training methodologies and techniques that were not previously amongst the common thread of thinking in the fitness community. Rusty Moore has proposed many important new breakthroughs in relation to sarcoplasmic and myofibrillar muscle development, two of the most important aspects of getting truly ripped. He also is a fan of using primarily weight training to increase lean body mass and to cut fat as opposed to solely cardiovascular exercise, understanding the scientific principles behind each and every aspect.

His courses, both Visual Impact and Visual Impact for Women, and highly founded off of scientific research done on the themes of muscle building, shaping and toning, and for this reason those who truly have run the course of the program have reaped the tremendous benefits of it. As one works hard and eats right, keeping in mind certain principles of great importance, the results will quickly begin to show. His programs can seem to many as though they are a lot of work for what you get, but getting good quality results will help you understand where you can take yourself in the fitness world. There is no limit to how fit you can get as you work with Rusty Moore and his top eBook and audiovisual courses for fitness training.

He personally has made appearances and speeches on the topic of getting ripped and lean in many places and at many separate occasions, and continues to train hard personally. Rusty Moore is an activist in the field of having a balanced life, of eating well, training hard, and having the availability to be able to kick back and relax with a beer on occasion. As a forty year old with an extremely low body fat percentage, he carries with him all that he preaches in his magazines, books, and courses.

His most famous course is the Visual Impact Series. He also has his blog the famed, as well as Abs Blueprint 1.0 (a free course) for those who are interested or have liked his other works. He is an activist that primarily promotes having a healthy and fully functioning body that is not over bulky, oversized, or clumsy. Sport ability, functional training, core strength, and athleticism are things that immensely important to him as a professional and things that he promotes.

Rusty Moore’s insights and research given in these courses will aid you not only in the accomplishing of these courses, but in any exercise that you perform for the rest of your life. His research will be key in aiding you in having a truly healthy future.

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Vince del Monte

16 Mar

Many trainers offer a halfhearted approach to training, and this is something all should avoid. Choosing the right trainer while entering a gym or beginning a fitness program, you have to be picky! This is something that can be difficult, as there are currently many thousands of sites and blogs as well as exercise programs where you can garner information on the theme of your exercise plan.

vince del monte

Working with a pro like Vince del Monte is always recommended, as working with someone who as actually made the journey from being a skinny wimp to a world renowned trainer and fitness model is always wise. He can talk because he really knows what he’s talking about. He has “been there and done that”!

Vince del Monte was formerly known as “Skinny Vinny”; all through high school and into to collage. He started as a runner and triathlon participant, and stayed very skinny for a long time. He was in great shape but was always interested in getting more out of his body and really looking buff. “I never weighed more than a measly 150 lb, and always wanted to gain weight”.

Although he was a successful runner and in great shape, he wanted the look as well as the healthy part. He worked hard in a gym for six months and went through quite a transformation. He coasted on a minimal gain program for a while, not advancing any more than he had, until after taking some photos of himself, he realized that it was time for change, not only short term, but long term.

This simple history pushed Vince del Monte into the field he is in today as a world class body model and fitness trainer. He has done extensive scientific research into the human body and its adaptation to exercise, and has created his top training program No Nonsense Muscle Building. This program is rated amongst the finest in the world and has truly gotten many people amazing results. It is an uncommon program in the sense that it does not promote a particular supplement of diet but instead teaches you dietary principles that will aid you long term. Key elements like meal planning, meal timing, working small, and how to perform compound exercises correctly are key factors in his programs.

Vince del Monte states simply that there is no limit to where you can take your body, and he has proven that by his and many others execution of his famous No Nonsense Muscle Building program. As you work hard, apply his dietary principles, and live a balanced life, you will get the results that you are looking for. He is living proof that no matter your body type, you can go wherever you want to go and be who you want to be.

His program teaches not only simple useful tips for going through his program, but also important tips for long term success in the fitness world. Working with a Vince del Monte’s programs and methodologies is a sure and amazing way to work towards success.

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Must Have Yoga Accessories

12 Mar

So you have eventually planned to join for a yoga class? If yes; there are certain points to be kept in mind. These days it’s very essential to make use of sessions to derive perfect benefits. Some accessories that are must have for good yoga sessions are like this.

yoga accessories

One of the commonest and preferred yoga accessories is yoga mat. Yoga mat is required for a yoga session. Irrespective of the place you practice yoga; you surely need a yoga mat. These mats are helpful as they make sure that the the practioner doesn’t slip or skid during a yoga session. Additionally to that it offers a benefit of comfort. This in turn helps the process of yoga and makes the asanas far simpler.

Another must have yoga accesory is a yoga pant. You don’t desire your pants to rip off in the middle of a yoga session. This is where yoga pants come to play. They’re flexible and allow you to stretch as much as you want. There is a wide range of yoga pants available in the market. You can go in for full length yoga pants or select capris that look more stylish But, Make that the yoga pant of your choice is sufficiently flexible.

A yoga bag is another thing that you’d need when you would need when you are heading for your yoga session. There are quite a lot of things that you go to your yoga class such as yoga mat, water bottle, towel and the like. Yoga bag helps you stack in all these things conviniently and guarantees that you don’t lose your things.

When you are practicing yoga, you are sure to feel parched. Steps in – yoga sippers! They let you to your yoga class. Thanks to your yoga class. Thanks to these yoga sippers, your yoga practice will not be disrupted due to thirst. Go in for yoga sippers that are made of food grade material. Also, ensure that the sipper of your choice does not leak.

Fruit guards are another cool accessory that will be of great value when you are heading to a yoga session. These fruit guards are plastic cases that are meant to cover the results of you want to eat the time you want to eat the fruit, it is still intact and guard for the fruit guard for the fruit that you are most likely to carry else you might consider investing in multiple fruit guards.

Again ensure that you purchase your Yoga accessories from established brands to make sure that you get best quality and long durability.

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How to Get Big Muscles Fast

9 Mar

There is a lot to be said about how to get big muscles fast. Each trainer and athlete has his/her own techniques and methods of gaining and loosing weight. Muscle and fitness workouts differ a lot. There is no universal technique neither for bodybuilding, nor for fitness. Each athlete tries different approaches and hopes to find the best workout program. Most of the workout routines can be found in muscle and fitness magazines.

However, if you are a newbie, who is not really familiar with any techniques or methods and you really want to gain some muscle weight or have a slimmer, better shaped body, you should ask the gym’s instructor for some guidance.

shaped body

There are a lot of aspects that need to be considered. The first aspect is a physical one. In order to do either body-building or fitness you need to eat a lot of healthy food. If you want to do body-building, you should eat carbohydrates for having a fairly amount of energy at the gym, but also proteins to start having bigger muscles.

Practising body-building implies a lot of patience, mostly because if you are skinny person it would be hard for you to gain weight. As a body-builder you will need to go to the gym on a regular basis, let’s say for 4 or 5 days per week. Each day, you will train different groups of muscles in order to avoid muscle fever. For example, first day you work your arms, the second day you focus on your leg training and in the next two days you focus on other groups of muscles. Working out is not easy and it is a lengthy process.

The second aspect of how to get big muscles fast is represented by the mental aspect. Most of the people who come to the gym to workout quickly use their interest in practising this sport, because they find it too hard. It is important not to give up, because if you work out, you do not only shape your body, but also you strengthen your health. It is all about being motivated and keeping this way. The best thing to do is to keep in mind that working out is important to you. If you don’t keep working out and give up, will you succeed to have your desired body and heath state? No, but if you keep trying again, and again, and again, you will succeed and the painful and stressful workouts will show results.

So, we have figured it out how to get big muscles fast isn’t easy, but it is not impossible to remain focused on your objective. In addition, you will need to seek guidance from the gym’s instructor. It is also important to perform the exercises correctly, no matter how much in pain you are. If you are not used to a lot of effort, nor muscular pain, it would be a wise thing to first try simpler exercises, and also focus on being able to resist the workout “burnout”, by trying different exercises. If you want to keep in shape, you should also consider doing some cardio workout after you finish your muscle and fitness exercises. It is really important to exercise and maintain a good health. Consistent and dedicated working out is how to get big muscles fast, look good and stay healthy.

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The Right Strength Training Program

6 Mar strength training program

Most of the people do not exercise because they feel they have no time available. However, others say that they could practice a sport, but they believe that working out is pretty hard and the results will show after a long time. For the people who are already working out, they are already busy and want to squeeze the workouts into an already full day and have a chaotic strength training program. The people who find it hard to do the workouts are the most susceptible to lose interest in practicing sport and will most probably give up training. Frankly, there are so many reasons to skip workouts that it is still hard to convince somebody to workout and give 110% at the gym. However, most of the personal trainers keep reminding that it is important to do only a few exercises at first and keep working out 2 or 3 groups of muscles with only one type of exercise. The strength training program needs to be made only by a few types of exercises in order to remain effective, but also not injure the athlete or produce any pain to him/her.

strength training program

There are a few types of exercises that any person who works out will need to consider as your strength training program. The first exercise that you must do is squats. Most of the trainers in the United States agree that it is an important exercise, and most probably one of the best that you can do. Squats work a number of muscles, such as glutes, quads, hamstrings and even calves. The number two most popular, but also most important type of exercise that needs to be part of any strength training program, is represented by pushups. Like, squats, push ups are compound movements. Push ups use almost all of the body muscles. Doing push-ups you work you chest, triceps, shoulders, back and even the abs region.

If you have already done some squats and some push-ups, it would be a great thing to consider doing lunges, because this type of exercise works most of the legs muscles, including the quads, hamstrings, glutes and calves. Lunges are mainly working the same parts of the body as the squats do.

The plank is another exercise that you might consider to do. It is mostly used in Pilates, so it is not intended to be part of any strength training program, but it might help you be more flexible and keep in shape.The last type of exercise is represented by the lat pull down, which is an exercise that works on the major muscles of your back. It is an important exercise that you should do, because it helps to burn calories, and even strengthen your back.

These are the most usual exercises for people who want to be in shape and be healthy. If you consider this strength training program and keep up day after day, the results will show in a couple of weeks, but these will be only the first signs. You will need to keep up and do exercises as part of your lifestyle. It might be hard to do this on long time frame, but consider training not as a temporary thing, but more of a permanent change in your life.

No Nonsense Muscle Building

3 Mar No Nonsense Muscle Building

No Nonsense Muscle Building

Many athletes young and old, and from all brackets of society have real serious trouble building and gaining the exact physique that they are interested. As many do not have the time or money to invest in personal lab research, many have serious disadvantage to professionals, as knowing the tips and tricks of the fitness industry is really what takes you from simply being strong and healthy to looking strong and healthy. Learning and working with No Nonsense Muscle Building is an excellent idea for all interested health activists, as it is not simply good advice, but good and applicable scientifically proven advice for all types.

What is offered by No Nonsense Muscle Building in the way of advice and content? What is this course really about? No Nonsense Muscle Building is all about increasing lean muscle mass. This is one of the hardest things for any weight training athlete, as the risk of not only muscularly up sizing but also growing in fat is a risk for all who do not have solid and proved advice and know how.

How does this workout differ from the thousands of workouts that there are on the market? It offers a mix up of routines, exercises, and eating plans to keep your body in a perfect adaptive state, and here is where you will find optimum gain to your mass, as well as a lack of growth in fat weight gain.

This program also offers a top eating program. Involving calorie counting and frequent body composition measurements, this course is well rounded and an excellent way to not only gain initial results, but a great way to maximize on long term results in fitness. Eating right is one of the most essential parts of any fitness routine, and applying a personalized diet is the only way to ensure that you get the exact results that you are after. This program is famed for taking its participants nutritional understanding to the next level.

No Nonsense Muscle Building is a program that gives a 60 week or so approach to upping your fitness level. You will watch daily as you work hard and as the results literally begin to pop. This program is ranked amongst the finest as a starting program for athletes as well as a great means of intermediate working to reach a high goal. It involves being willing to work hard, eat right, and celebrate the results.

As long as you are working with No Nonsense Muscle Building you will continue to be challenged to the extreme. The angles, moves, and body positions you take do not only work primary moves, or the principal working muscles, but clues in all the synergists, secondary muscles, and core muscles that you will need to get positively ripped.

Working with this program aids with strength, physique, core stability, balance, and power. It unveils secrets that you will benefit from for the rest of your life, secrets that will get you in the amazing shape that you have always wanted to be in.

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The Truth About Abs

27 Feb

Many fit people want to take their level of fitness to the next level. They want to progress out of simply feeling good and looking ok. They want more. They want to look like all their hard work has paid off and is giving them the exact body that they want. Reading and learning with a professional trainer such as Mike Geary and his The Truth About Abs series is an excellent idea.

truth about abs

This course gives tips and insights into the fitness world that few people know. It reveals secrets behind really getting the most out the body that you have, and getting it to a point where it will be the body that you wanted. Mike Geary is a professional trainer, with years of experience under his belt, and gives top insights into the secrets behind true fitness.

Just a few of the key features included in The Truth About Abs are:

  • 142 page manual, giving tips and tricks in the fitness world
  • 4 audio files with motivational material that will “keep your head in the game”
  • A meal plan that will get you on the fast track to really defining those abs for everyone to see!
  • A personalized metabolic calculating system to enable you to know the amount of calories you should eat in the space of the day
  • A copy of the world famous “The 5 Keys to Guaranteed Fat Loss” DVD and instructional video
  • A free subscription to Mike Geary’s Lean Body Fitness Secrets.

This course, as you can see, is well rounded and internationally endorsed. It gives you specific rules to follow, and an exact diet, while also giving you key principles of dietary concepts that will aid you in eating correctly for the rest of your life.

The Truth About Abs aims to not only provide you with ideas of how to do this particular program well, but it gives you a way that you can learn and better your personal knowledge and understanding of the fitness world, giving you a way to apply this knowledge in the future.

One of the key factors to the success of this program is the fact that it dispels common myths. It attacks such time lasting incorrect errors as the incredible use of doing hundreds of sit ups, how not doing abs exercises and focusing more on your weight training and cardio will really get you abs,. This is just one of the many key principles revealed in The Truth About Abs, and it will get you results.

This is not just a “one and done” program, but a set of principles that will aid you for the rest of your life and fitness career. Knowing these principles will give you the edge that you need to reach your fitness goals and getting the hard, six pack abs you demand. This program will take you leaps and bounds above your competition! Simply put, The Truth About Abs is a top of the line and clinically proven program, that gets results, Period!

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Strength Training Workouts

24 Feb

There have always been two reasons why people weight train. The first of which is vanity as people weight train to improve the physical appearance of their physique. The second and more important reason is to improve overall strength of the body. Interestingly, while many wish to improve their strength, they don’t know the correct strength training workouts to use. This means that they use less effective workouts that don’t give the desired results as quickly as strength training workouts do.

strength training workouts

So what are the best strength training workouts?

The best strength training workouts are ones that use maximum weight in the lifts and compound exercises in the training plan. This means that the workout requires you to lift the heaviest weight possible for a certain amount of reps so your muscles build stronger more quickly.

It also means the exercises you are using are not simply isolating and training one muscle group but utilizes compound exercises where two or more joints are used in the lift, effectively ensuring multiple muscle groups are used. An example of one such lift is the deadlift which utilizes the ankles, knees and hips thus means the muscles of the legs, back, core (abs) and forearms are used. There are many strength workouts available on the market but of all the workouts one stands out as the best. This workout is the 5×5 training workout.

The 5×5 training workout uses the idea that you lift the heaviest weight possible for five reps over five sets. Once you have achieved the weight lifted at five reps over five sets you add 2.5 kg on the next session and start attempting to achieve 5×5 again. Many find that once the weight is added they will achieved 5,5,5,4,4 in reps per set and it might take them a few weeks to achieve the full 5×5 before they can add more weight again.

In the workout only the compound exercises are 5×5, all other exercises are 8 to 12 reps and are used as supporting exercises to help the overall strength achievements. One of the interesting things about the 5×5 workout is that rest is just as important as the workout itself. You should always leave around 48 hours between training sessions and after 12 weeks take a one week break for your body to recover.

The one week break is hard for many to do as they feel guilty and want to get back in the gym but truthfully it is much needed. You will find that after the weeks break you will be stronger because of the break as your body recovers.

Alternative strength training workouts

For those that don’t want to attempt the 5×5 workout you can simply alter your current workout to include loading sets. This means that on big exercises such as the bench press, deadlift or squat you can try lifting heavier to test your strength and push your body that bit harder. Some people achieve this by starting with lighter weights and more reps and then adding more on each set but lifting two reps lower until they have the heaviest weight they can lift and they only carry out 6 to 8 reps. This is known as loading or the pyramid workout.

In a short time you should see your strength increase with either the 5×5 workout or the loading workout above.

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