Human Growth Hormone – Anti Aging Miracle?

8 Apr

Human growth hormones or HGH is a cancel occurring hormone in the body’s pituitary gland set in the brain. From the time a person is born until their mid-20s, this hormone is busy at work helping a person grow and develop. However, the pituitary gland shuts the production of HGH off so that a person will not grow any taller after a certain age – someplace in their 20s. This is why we do not see super tall individuals; in the rare case of extremely tall individuals, it is usually a case of the pituitary gland that has not been properly turned off.

Side effects of HGH even need more studies; however some of the known side effects include insulin resistance which could lead to diabetes, Corporal tunnel syndrome, stiffening of the joints which may lead to obesity due to an activity because of the joint pain, arthritis like symptoms, bloating, muscular tissue pain, hardening of the arteries, headaches, abnormal growth of bones and other internal organs, high blood pressure and many other health complications yet unexplored because of the long-term use of HGH has yet to be fully realize.

Many athletes take HGH in order to gain or enhance their performance on the field. From baseball players to ice hockey players and Tour de France competitors, human growth hormones help to enhance a player’s performance without a multitude of side effects; however HGH is on several lists of performance-enhancing drugs banned from nearly all sports. Many cyclists, including those in the Tour de France, inject themselves with a human growth hormone prior to climbing a large hill in order to give a boost of energy. The Tour de France is the only known sport that has devised a test for HGH in its athletes, nearly all sports can’t trace HGH and that’s why it is so popular.


HGH for sale can be found on the Internet, through a physician, through sports trainers or the kid who works at the mini blinds store. A physician is the only legal way to obtain human growth hormones, a trainer and the kid on the street both get them through the Internet which is a more “watered down” version known as HGH supplements that do not work as well as what a physician could give to an athlete or person who wants to feel better.

Human growth hormone for sale have been linked to amend libido, strengthening one’s immune system such as in AIDS patients, and has shown remarkable results in helping maintain weight loss, helping hair growth in balding persons, working as a natural antidepressant in addition to helping with chronic weary and fibromyalgia side effects.

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