Rusty Moore

18 Mar

The famed Visual Impact fitness program was created by trainer extraordinaire and professional Rusty Moore. He is world known for having created this fine program along with its renown adaptation for women (Visual Impact for Women). He began his career as a simple fitness trainer who then began a famous blog on the subject of fitness and really looking good. He is a promoter of not bulking up too much and really getting a toned and well-proportioned body.

rusty moore

He has created various training methodologies and techniques that were not previously amongst the common thread of thinking in the fitness community. Rusty Moore has proposed many important new breakthroughs in relation to sarcoplasmic and myofibrillar muscle development, two of the most important aspects of getting truly ripped. He also is a fan of using primarily weight training to increase lean body mass and to cut fat as opposed to solely cardiovascular exercise, understanding the scientific principles behind each and every aspect.

His courses, both Visual Impact and Visual Impact for Women, and highly founded off of scientific research done on the themes of muscle building, shaping and toning, and for this reason those who truly have run the course of the program have reaped the tremendous benefits of it. As one works hard and eats right, keeping in mind certain principles of great importance, the results will quickly begin to show. His programs can seem to many as though they are a lot of work for what you get, but getting good quality results will help you understand where you can take yourself in the fitness world. There is no limit to how fit you can get as you work with Rusty Moore and his top eBook and audiovisual courses for fitness training.

He personally has made appearances and speeches on the topic of getting ripped and lean in many places and at many separate occasions, and continues to train hard personally. Rusty Moore is an activist in the field of having a balanced life, of eating well, training hard, and having the availability to be able to kick back and relax with a beer on occasion. As a forty year old with an extremely low body fat percentage, he carries with him all that he preaches in his magazines, books, and courses.

His most famous course is the Visual Impact Series. He also has his blog the famed, as well as Abs Blueprint 1.0 (a free course) for those who are interested or have liked his other works. He is an activist that primarily promotes having a healthy and fully functioning body that is not over bulky, oversized, or clumsy. Sport ability, functional training, core strength, and athleticism are things that immensely important to him as a professional and things that he promotes.

Rusty Moore’s insights and research given in these courses will aid you not only in the accomplishing of these courses, but in any exercise that you perform for the rest of your life. His research will be key in aiding you in having a truly healthy future.

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  1. Tifness March 18, 2016 at 6:17 pm #

    great post! 🙂 I’m a fitness blogger on here too!

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