Vince del Monte

16 Mar

Many trainers offer a halfhearted approach to training, and this is something all should avoid. Choosing the right trainer while entering a gym or beginning a fitness program, you have to be picky! This is something that can be difficult, as there are currently many thousands of sites and blogs as well as exercise programs where you can garner information on the theme of your exercise plan.

vince del monte

Working with a pro like Vince del Monte is always recommended, as working with someone who as actually made the journey from being a skinny wimp to a world renowned trainer and fitness model is always wise. He can talk because he really knows what he’s talking about. He has “been there and done that”!

Vince del Monte was formerly known as “Skinny Vinny”; all through high school and into to collage. He started as a runner and triathlon participant, and stayed very skinny for a long time. He was in great shape but was always interested in getting more out of his body and really looking buff. “I never weighed more than a measly 150 lb, and always wanted to gain weight”.

Although he was a successful runner and in great shape, he wanted the look as well as the healthy part. He worked hard in a gym for six months and went through quite a transformation. He coasted on a minimal gain program for a while, not advancing any more than he had, until after taking some photos of himself, he realized that it was time for change, not only short term, but long term.

This simple history pushed Vince del Monte into the field he is in today as a world class body model and fitness trainer. He has done extensive scientific research into the human body and its adaptation to exercise, and has created his top training program No Nonsense Muscle Building. This program is rated amongst the finest in the world and has truly gotten many people amazing results. It is an uncommon program in the sense that it does not promote a particular supplement of diet but instead teaches you dietary principles that will aid you long term. Key elements like meal planning, meal timing, working small, and how to perform compound exercises correctly are key factors in his programs.

Vince del Monte states simply that there is no limit to where you can take your body, and he has proven that by his and many others execution of his famous No Nonsense Muscle Building program. As you work hard, apply his dietary principles, and live a balanced life, you will get the results that you are looking for. He is living proof that no matter your body type, you can go wherever you want to go and be who you want to be.

His program teaches not only simple useful tips for going through his program, but also important tips for long term success in the fitness world. Working with a Vince del Monte’s programs and methodologies is a sure and amazing way to work towards success.

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