The Right Strength Training Program

6 Mar

Most of the people do not exercise because they feel they have no time available. However, others say that they could practice a sport, but they believe that working out is pretty hard and the results will show after a long time. For the people who are already working out, they are already busy and want to squeeze the workouts into an already full day and have a chaotic strength training program. The people who find it hard to do the workouts are the most susceptible to lose interest in practicing sport and will most probably give up training. Frankly, there are so many reasons to skip workouts that it is still hard to convince somebody to workout and give 110% at the gym. However, most of the personal trainers keep reminding that it is important to do only a few exercises at first and keep working out 2 or 3 groups of muscles with only one type of exercise. The strength training program needs to be made only by a few types of exercises in order to remain effective, but also not injure the athlete or produce any pain to him/her.

strength training program

There are a few types of exercises that any person who works out will need to consider as your strength training program. The first exercise that you must do is squats. Most of the trainers in the United States agree that it is an important exercise, and most probably one of the best that you can do. Squats work a number of muscles, such as glutes, quads, hamstrings and even calves. The number two most popular, but also most important type of exercise that needs to be part of any strength training program, is represented by pushups. Like, squats, push ups are compound movements. Push ups use almost all of the body muscles. Doing push-ups you work you chest, triceps, shoulders, back and even the abs region.

If you have already done some squats and some push-ups, it would be a great thing to consider doing lunges, because this type of exercise works most of the legs muscles, including the quads, hamstrings, glutes and calves. Lunges are mainly working the same parts of the body as the squats do.

The plank is another exercise that you might consider to do. It is mostly used in Pilates, so it is not intended to be part of any strength training program, but it might help you be more flexible and keep in shape.The last type of exercise is represented by the lat pull down, which is an exercise that works on the major muscles of your back. It is an important exercise that you should do, because it helps to burn calories, and even strengthen your back.

These are the most usual exercises for people who want to be in shape and be healthy. If you consider this strength training program and keep up day after day, the results will show in a couple of weeks, but these will be only the first signs. You will need to keep up and do exercises as part of your lifestyle. It might be hard to do this on long time frame, but consider training not as a temporary thing, but more of a permanent change in your life.

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