The Truth About Abs

27 Feb

Many fit people want to take their level of fitness to the next level. They want to progress out of simply feeling good and looking ok. They want more. They want to look like all their hard work has paid off and is giving them the exact body that they want. Reading and learning with a professional trainer such as Mike Geary and his The Truth About Abs series is an excellent idea.

truth about abs

This course gives tips and insights into the fitness world that few people know. It reveals secrets behind really getting the most out the body that you have, and getting it to a point where it will be the body that you wanted. Mike Geary is a professional trainer, with years of experience under his belt, and gives top insights into the secrets behind true fitness.

Just a few of the key features included in The Truth About Abs are:

  • 142 page manual, giving tips and tricks in the fitness world
  • 4 audio files with motivational material that will “keep your head in the game”
  • A meal plan that will get you on the fast track to really defining those abs for everyone to see!
  • A personalized metabolic calculating system to enable you to know the amount of calories you should eat in the space of the day
  • A copy of the world famous “The 5 Keys to Guaranteed Fat Loss” DVD and instructional video
  • A free subscription to Mike Geary’s Lean Body Fitness Secrets.

This course, as you can see, is well rounded and internationally endorsed. It gives you specific rules to follow, and an exact diet, while also giving you key principles of dietary concepts that will aid you in eating correctly for the rest of your life.

The Truth About Abs aims to not only provide you with ideas of how to do this particular program well, but it gives you a way that you can learn and better your personal knowledge and understanding of the fitness world, giving you a way to apply this knowledge in the future.

One of the key factors to the success of this program is the fact that it dispels common myths. It attacks such time lasting incorrect errors as the incredible use of doing hundreds of sit ups, how not doing abs exercises and focusing more on your weight training and cardio will really get you abs,. This is just one of the many key principles revealed in The Truth About Abs, and it will get you results.

This is not just a “one and done” program, but a set of principles that will aid you for the rest of your life and fitness career. Knowing these principles will give you the edge that you need to reach your fitness goals and getting the hard, six pack abs you demand. This program will take you leaps and bounds above your competition! Simply put, The Truth About Abs is a top of the line and clinically proven program, that gets results, Period!

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