Organic Steroid Muscles vs Synthetically Induced Mass

7 Feb

Weight lifting and bodybuilding with dramatic effects on muscle mass is possible with organic steroids that are, in fact, the blueprint for harmful synthetic growth hormone variants. The term steroid muscles is used to indicate quick and massive volume increase.

Natural steroids inside the body act as hormones and have a wider spectrum of beneficial effects than artificial growth hormone. The trick is to increase your body reserves and production capabilities of natural steroids on a moderate and sustained level to accomplish muscle growth, strength and increase body stamina. The human body also has better tolerance against natural, or organic steroids.

The abuse of synthetic steroids causes the same long-term problems that of any substance misuse: the organic component that is replicated drops in production. In other words, someone shooting growth hormone is teaching the pituitary gland to stop making the hormone organically. The effects can be irreversible and the synthetic hormone “burn” can permanently damage organ tissues.

Androsterone can be converted from the organic steroid 5aAndrostanediol through 17b-Hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase or by 5aAndrostanedione through 3a-Hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase. While most adults are looking for ways to lose weight, young boys looking for ways to gain weight and increase muscle size to improve sports performance. A normal release of organic steroids is part of the natural process of puberty to gain mass. The debilitating stage of old age, both in men and women, is to a large extent caused by a decrease in anabolic steroids that affect muscle and bone mass and quality.

On the sports arena and unfortunately, in the gym, the use of synthetic male growth hormone and steroids is widespread, however, there are alternatives. The users are becoming educated and as understanding of the synthetic dangers widens this powers a new market of natural products and methods with no synthetic or illegal components.

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