Top Bodybuilding Lessons And Trainer Interviews

30 Jan

bodybuilding lessons

Many top bodybuilders and fitness gurus write training programs on how to build huge muscles fast. I always look for Organic Methods and lean body muscle tips. Best of all are the insider tricks on how to maximize muscle bulk and definition with the body´s own anabolic power and raise the level of organic steroids.

I confess to being a consumer of a lot of training packages and have stacks of instruction materials from which I filter out the best training method from each author. Over time, all these purchases add up to quite a lot of money. Money well spent but not every tip and method from a single muscleman coach is useful. A couple of examples of the (for me personally) single most important lessons by expert body building trainers:

“Body Re-engineering” by Hugo Rivera opened my eyes to bulking and trimming.

“Maximize your Metabolism” by Christopher Guerriero showed me how to mantain a anabolic state 24/7.

Scot Abel, trainer of over 100 professional bodybuilders, turned me around to why weight selection is a waste of time for massive muscle mass building.

Muscle Advantage Pro Interviews is perhaps the most interesting set of disclosing lessons on how to buld and gain muscle mass fast. Well worth a look if you want a single product that gives you access to more than a dozen of the body building elite trainers in a single shot.

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