Holiday Stress and Depression Tips

11 Dec

Dealing with stress and depression during the holidays can be very challenging for some of us, but following these suggestions will increase your holiday pleasure.

When I think about fitness, I think of all the dimensions that comprise the human being; body, mind and spirit. In keeping with that line of thinking, I’d like to address those aspects as they relate to the holidays.

holiday stress

The holidays can be a very stressful and sometimes depressing time for many. The reasons for this stress/depression can vary from over-commitment to loneliness, but the reality is that many of us are affected mentally, physically and/or spiritually. In order to assist you in enjoying the holidays, I have compiled some suggestions that should allow for minimum stress and maximum pleasure. The areas of your life most likely to produce stress/depression during the holidays are: lack of finances or overspending, relationships or family and over commitment or time constraints (these situations can create stress at any time but are magnified during the holidays). Following these suggestions can greatly reduce negative side affects during the holidays.

1. Take time to plan: Shopping trips and how much you can or plan to spend Family gatherings Meals Who will be contributing to preparations

2. Stay flexible; plans may not unfold as expected. If this happens don’t panic realize there is a solution to all challenges. Give yourself a little time to quietly ponder the situation and a solution will present itself.

3. Allow yourself to feel whatever you’re feeling, it’s normal to miss loved ones or feel a little anxious; this is the perfect opportunity to take a few minutes of quiet time for yourself to release or express those feelings. We all need to take time for ourselves periodically. You may also find it helpful to volunteer some of your time to those less fortunate; this generally creates a sense of well-being and can put things in perspective. If you’re ill feelings persist, seek help from family, friends, church or social organizations.

4. Don’t over indulge, for more tips in this area, see last week’s article “Try Moderation During the Holidays”.

5. Remember what the holidays are all about, giving, enjoying family, friends and the spirit of the holidays. Try not to extend yourself to the point of anxiety or fatigue, this is supposed to be a joyous time of year, so enjoy it.

Happy Holidays to All!!!

“Nobody really cares if you’re miserable, so you might as well be happy.”Cynthia Nelms


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