Ectomorphs – Advices on Nutrition.

2 Aug

ectomorphs nutrition

Ectomorph represents the ideal body type, the owner of which should not be afraid to set extra fat, but then,  as to the surface of such a disadvantage: a set of muscle mass is very difficult to gain. If ectomorph dreams to be pumped up, then he needs to thoroughly review its alimentary regimen! To begin with, it is advisable to pay attention to calories, most of ectomorph’s body should get from carbohydrates. The number of calories consumed from ectomorphs has to be much higher than endomorphs or mesomorphs body types.

There is a very important detail you should always remember is the number of calories consumed exceeds the amount burned. For example, an ectomorph with a weight of 70 kilograms requires 2800 – 3500 calories.

Every day an ectomorph may divide its food to 6 – 8 meals, the spacing between each of them must be less than 3 hours. The amount of protein should be 25 – 30% of daily intake, carbohydrate – 50%, and fat – 20 – 25%. Do not forget that before going to sleep you need to energize your body. Sugar is eliminated from the diet or reduced to a minimum.

Do focus on foods with low glycemic levels, such as :
– Grain bread;
– Brown rice;
– Sweet potatoes;
– Oatmeal.
Do not forget that the food is bound to be full of vitamins and minerals. As fat sources there may serve products as:
– canola oil;
– nuts;
– olive oil;
– peanut butter
– fish.


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