Insulin – the Anabolic Giant

24 Jun

Insulin is the hormone which is launched through bloodstream by the pancreas. Insulin is responsible for the storage of energy reserves and muscle growth. It is also called the most anabolic hormone. After the insulin enters the bloodstream, the main problem is the delivery of glucose (carbohydrates), amino acids and fats in the blood cells, first of all – in muscle and fat cells. If nutrients are mainly in the muscles, the mass will increase and the fat inside human body is not added. If most of the nutrient goes into fat cells – muscle mass does not grow, but the amount of fat increase.

Obviously if one can find a way to send nutrients into the muscle, but not fat cells, we will have more muscle and less fat. This is the main purpose of many recommended programs and diets – increase the flow of nutrients into the muscle cells. This is the main goal of all involved in sports and muscle building activities.

Insulin SupplementsDue to the fact that insulin is responsible for the storage of accumulations, most people believe that it should be avoided, otherwise there will be more fat. There are several reasons why this is a mistake. Firstly, there is no way to avoid the appearance of insulin in your blood. If you eat – insulin is released.

Secondly, if you still manage to get rid of insulin, you will also lose all of its anabolic function and its ability to store nutrients in the muscles.

But if the level of insulin in the blood is constantly at a high level there are also several problems. High levels of insulin leads to the accumulation of large amounts of fat, increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and the appearance of diabetes type 2. This type of diabetes is characterized by obesity, cardiovascular diseases and weakening of the ability of muscles to store nutrients, which leads to loss of muscle fibers and accumulate even more fat. This is called insulin resistance.

So you need to learn how to control insulin, to be able to balance the power of muscle and accumulation of fat. Make it work so that your muscles grow and fat is burned. This is accomplished in two ways. Firstly, it is necessary to increase the sensitivity to insulin in muscle and lower – in fat cells. And secondly, to control insulin release at a certain time.


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