The Essence of EMS

13 Apr

emsElectromyostimulation (EMS)  has gained some visibility because of the modern use of EMS gadgets sold to the general public. These cheap substitutes are often quite ineffective because they don’t offer the proper current modulation and contract/relax time necessary to produce results. Because of the inefficacy of these popular devices, EMS in general has taken a step back in the eye of many athletes and coaches. This is bad news, because EMS offers many things that could be of great benefit to anybody wanting to improve his physical capacities and muscle mass.

EMS is very popular with European athletes (Justine Henin-Hardenne and Hermann Maier to name a few) and has been researched extensively (and on athletes, not sedentary subjects) with very positive results.

We believe that EMS can be of great use to athletes, whether it is for increased strength, power, speed, or recovery. Here we present to you the benefits of such training methods so that you can make up your own mind.ems procedure

Benefits of EMS

I. Preferential recruitment of fast-twitch fibers

II. Increase in muscle strength

III. Increase in muscle mass

IV. Increase in jumping height (power)

V. Improvement in running speed

VI. Increased recovery

VII. Prevention of atrophy


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