The Presence Of Bread In Our Nutrition

4 Apr

Bread could have taken a whole book to itself, there are so many things that could be said about it. Good things, if we are talking about ”good bread”, so rare a commodity these days, but especially bad things when it comes to the unsatisfactory product being sold by most bakeries.

black bread Ordinary bread, being made with refined flour, is totally devoid of anything of use to the normal human

metabolism. Nutritionally, its only contribution is energy in the form of starch. From the digestive point of view, it means nothing but trouble, given that all the elements that would ensure it was well digested have been removed in the course of refining the flour. Moreover, the whiter the bread is, the ”worse” it is, since its whiteness is the result of the flour being very heavily refined. Wholemeal bread, and especially 100% stone ground wholemeal bread, are much more acceptable, being made in the old-fashioned way with unrefined flours containing fiber. They release notably less glucose than white bread and are therefore less ”fattening”.

But good though they are, even these types of bread will temporarily be ruled out, at least with main meals. You should, however, eat them normally at breakfast. We will look at this in detail a little later on. If you are worried about giving up bread, let me reassure you right away. If, in common with 95 % of the population, you consume ordinary white bread, you have nothing to lose but your excess pounds by giving it up. On the conwhite breadtrary, you have everything to gain from such a wise decision, refined flour being so bad for your health. On the other hand, if you normally eat only stone ground or other wholemeal bread, made with unrefined flour (which shows you already have some good eating habits), you may lose the advantages of the fiber in giving it up.

But rest assured, not only can you go on eating it for breakfast, but we shall also be recommending that you consume fibre-containing vegetables, which are of as much, if not more, benefit for good intestinal function.


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