The Enzyme–Water Link

28 Mar

Truly, the most healthful source of water available to us lies not only within our great water reservoirs but also within the foods those reservoirs allow us to grow. The most natural and most nutrient-rich state of both enzymes and water is their live state.

Although that statement may sound a bit unorthodox or even gross, think of it this way:

water bottleA vegetable has a massive supply of both enzymes and water. Even better than that, those enzymes and water are combined in their most natural and most useful state. When we humans were created, we were given certain vegetation and animals to enable us to satisfy our hunger. Whatever your religious background, you must believe that those things were not given to us in cooked or chemically disinfected form.

Humans were designed to function at their peak level of efficiency, enzymes moleculebut that can come about only when the nutrients they consume are ingested in the proper proportion. Nature takes care of that for us by combining life-giving nutrients inside those pretty packages that we call vegetables, fruits, grains, fish, and meat.

Each of these foods just naturally contains the proper amount of enzymes needed to digest that particular type of food. The problems arise when we cook that food.

What is so wonderful about this whole business of enzymes is that there is a major exception to the rule that each source of food contains virtually the exact amount of enzymes we need in order to digest it. The exception to that rule is the vegetables, which were endowed with a more-than-abundant supply of both water and enzymes. As a matter of fact, vegetables were given so much in the way of nutrients that if we were to consume them only in their raw state, we could get away with digesting quite a bit of the other four categories of foods in a cooked state. Thus, combining fresh, raw vegetables with all other foods is essential to the metabolism-boosting process.

raw vegetables

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