Be Healthy with Lentils

15 Mar

cookes lentils

Lentils rank first among the different kinds of beans because they are high in so many nutrients, and their glycemic index is unusually low. The lower a food is on the glycemic index, the less likely it is to elevate blood sugar and insulin rapidly. Both blood sugar and insulin spikes cause fat accumulation and are the culprits behind numerous disease states.

It’s no small wonder lentils been a staple food in India for thousalentilsnds of years. After all, they are high in protein for plant foods. (If you eat them with a glass of nonfat or 1% low-fat milk or with brown rice or whole eggs, they can easily substitute for meat dishes protein-wise.)

They all are high in soluble fiber which helps keep your LDL low.

If you want the alternative view on cholesterol, Lentils are surprisingly high in antioxidant. And, because their total fiber is high, they can keep you from being constipated. They also are a good source of many minerals, particularly magnesium. Along with the benefits already listed, magnesium is crucial for bone density. If you want to keep your bones strong, lentils can be your best friend.

Finally, lentils are incredibly cheap. If you make them a staple food and cook them at home, you can eat really well for very little money.

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