Testoviron Enanthate- Mass&Strength

20 Feb

testoviron enanthateStill one of the most popular mass building steroids around and one of the oldest. It is highly androgenic and aromatizes quite easily in some people, others not. This is why it is one of those steroids that has to be tried first to see if it suits you. It does most and can put on a shit load of strength and size if it does.

Recommended highly. as well as the use of use of Nolvadex. Very popular with strength athletes especially. The Shering versions from Spain, India and Pakistan are excellent choices. It will fit in with most cycles and with most steroids but if water retention is a problem with you, then try with small dosages at first. Suggest 250mg every 5-7 days. More can be used but steady at first.

injecting steroid

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