Anabolic Steroids: Nolvadex/ Tamoxifen

12 Jan

This medication has taken a lot of flack these last couple of years and it should not have been to be honest. It nolvadexhas, for your information, been proven to be able to assist in the curing of some forms of breast cancer in women and in other cases – cured! I said many years ago to watch out for it as it will be hitting the news soon.

What it actually does for us is prevent the build up of estrogen, the female hormone, in men. When this happens, we can see the results of it by the swelling around the nipples and a soreness that is quite uncomfortable.

This is due to the abnormal build up of the estrogen as I have said. This is know as Gynecomastia. Basically, so’s not to make this sound unimportant, it is vital that you understand that although there have been rumors that nolvadex may be able to cause a 5% reduction in muscle gains (which I think is a load of bollocks), you must ask yourself if that loss is worth it? Once gyne has set in there is no way it can be reversed, it has to be surgically removed.

muscle mass

A 20mg tablet per day usually takes care of most problems and the fact that nolvadex assists in the prevention of water retention, due to the aromatization of steroids, stops the physique looking bloated and fat. Prevention is better than a cure any day.

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