Fat Burning: Foods To Avoid

29 Dec

Here’s a simple list of foods to stay far away from if you want to burn fat.

Ice cream

ice cream

Fried anything

fried chicken

Doughnuts, pastries and cakes


Candy, milk chocolates and sweets made with sugar

russian candies

Sodas and Fruit drinks made with sugar

soda with sugar

Potato chips

potato chips

White bread

white bread


beer glass

Honey and corn syrup

honey syrup

2 Responses to “Fat Burning: Foods To Avoid”

  1. Isaac J. Hall December 29, 2012 at 4:10 pm #

    Good Post!

  2. Rena December 29, 2014 at 8:41 pm #

    Thinking like that is really imsvipsere

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