Chocolate: Satisfy Your Needs

28 Nov

There are specific phytochemicals in chocolate that are very good for you. Chocolate contains and releases chemicals that improve circulation and promote feelings of being loved.

Everyone needs to be spoiled a little once in a while. And taking a little bit of something so delicious can help you avoid binging on high carbohydrate foods. But you have to be a little careful and sensible with this secret. Too much chocolate, or the wrong kind of chocolate, can take you right out of fat-burning mode.

dark chocolate

The right kind of chocolate to treat yourself with occasionally is semisweet dark chocolate. It can help get you through those cravings for something sweet. A serving of approximately 10 semi-sweet baking chocolate chips contains 9 grams of carbohydrate and 4 grams of fat. But used as a medicine  they can actually help when you need to treat yourself, or you feel like you just have to have something sweet.

Here’s the trick- take 10 of these delicious dark chocolate morsels and eat them very slowly. Try not to chew them at all. Just let the sweetness dissolve in your mouth, and savor it.  Then, put the rest of the bag away. Remember, just a tiny bit of semisweet chocolate before you have cravings is sufficient, and helpful.


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