Betel Nuts and Testosterone

1 Nov

Arecoline is one of the major components of betel nuts, which have been consumed as chewing gum in Southeast Asia. In fact, some people chew these nuts because of the mild stimulant effect. But there is something even more intriguing about arecoline, an active component of betel nuts. And that is its effect on testosterone.

betel nuts

In this recent study, the effects of arecoline on testosterone  secretion were studied in male rats that were injected with human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG, 5 IU/kg) or arecoline (1 microg/kg) plus hCG. They discovered that one intravenous injection of arecoline resulted in an increase of the hCG-induced level of plasma testosterone. Also, administration of arecoline in-vitro  increased Testosterone production in Leydig cells (these are the  testosterone producing cells in the testicles). The stimula­tory effect of arecoline on testosterone release in-vitro was enhanced by hCG and forskolin. Thus, arecoline stimulates testosterone production by acting directly on the testes. Maybe we all should go buy some betel nuts and chew on them. This might be an addi­tional way to get a rise in Testosterone levels.


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