Take Away The Calories

5 Oct

There is a wide variety of food and nice places when you can enjoy nice, tasteful meals. However to maintain a good look, besides exercising you should take care of you calories intake. Here are some tips that you can follow while ordering and serving your favorite meals:


Go for steamed or stir-fried dishes, and avoid deep-fried crispy duck (four crispy duck pancakes have 650 calories), pork balls and the like. Choose boiled rice, plain noodles and stir-fried vegetables. What to order: Stir-fried vegetables, 185 calories What to avoid: Sweet and sour pork, 715 calories

chinese food


Choose lean grilled meats, such as chicken shish or souvlaki, grilled fish and salads. Go easy on houmous or dips made with full-fat yoghurt – use just a little on fresh crudites for a health kick. What to order: Baked fish with tomato and garlic, 300 calories What to avoid: Doner kebab with sauces, 1,055 calories

greek food


Opt for a pizza loaded with vegetables, avoid processed meats such as pepperoni and limit cheese. Try tomato-based pasta dishes and grilled fish and meat with salad. But steer clear of creamy, high-fat dressings. What to order: Penne arrabiata, 475 calories What to avoid: Pepperoni pizza (thin base), 1,140 calories

italian food


Tandoori dishes (baked in the oven) and non-oily, non-creamy curries made with lean meat, vegetables and pulses are best. Avoid calorific bhajis (350 calories for two), and choose plain Basmati rice over pilau and chapattis over naan. What to order: Chicken tandoori, 350 calories What to avoid: Chicken korma, 660 calories

indian food chicken


Avoid high-fat peanut satay sauces, coconut cream-based curries and deep-fried dishes, such as battered prawns. Go for steamed and stir-fried lean meat and fish and aromatic salads. What to Order: Stir-fried vegetable curry, 310 calories What to Avoid: Pad Thai with noodles, 600 calories

thai food

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