Citrus Aurantium: Crucial For Your Health

16 Sep

Fisrt of all is importnat to know that Citrus Aurantium (oranges and other similar products) interacts with beta-3 receptors, not the beta-2 receptors that are the main player in human fat loss.

Citrus Aurantium share a property with grape­fruit juice that doesn’t exist with ephedrine: It contains at least two substances that inhibit the cytochrome P450 enzyme system in the liver. That particular system me­tabolizes more than 25 percent of available drugs, and inhibiting it could lead to dangerously high con­centrations of drugs in the body. CA is even more potent than grapefruit juice in that regard.

citrus aurantium

Case studies of Citrus Aurantium’s side effects are starting to appear in medical journals. Like the cases that involved ephedrine, however, they show little or no direct cause-and-effect rela­tionship to use of CA. One case in­volved a 52-year-old woman who experienced unremitted tachycardia (rapid heartbeat) after taking 500 milligrams of a Citrus Aurantium supplement con­taining 6 percent synephrine, or 30 milligrams.4 She’d been taking thyroid medication for 10 years, however, and the doctors reporting her case sus­pected an interaction between thy­roid hormone and Citrus Aurantium. That makes sense considering that natural cate-cholamines produced in the body can result in a similar effect when used with thyroid medication.

Another case involved a 55-year-old woman who had used a supple­ment containing Citrus Aurantium. She had a heart attack, which her examining physicians attributed to the Citrus Aurantium. She had no apparent cardiovascular risk factors, such as elevated blood cholesterol or lipids, high blood pressure and so on. On the other hand, she was a heavy smoker, and smoking can indepen­dently lead to a heart attack. Again, no true cause and effect to indict Citrus Aurantium.

Even if Citrus Aurantium proved to be less “dan­gerous” than ephedrine, it still wouldn’t compare in effectiveness to ephedrine. That’s mainly because Citrus Aurantium interacts with beta-3 receptors, not the beta-2 receptors that are the main player in human fat loss. Even worse, Citrus Aurantium has the same potential for causing an increase in blood pressure that was linked to ephedrine, and it in­hibits the liver’s vital drug-detoxifying system.


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  1. Bodybuilding Weight Loss Steroids September 16, 2012 at 4:25 pm #

    I didn’t know too much about the citrus alternative to ephedrine, but reading this makes me want to stay clear from it!

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