Green Tea Burns Your Fat

1 Sep

Simply drinking green tea can help you maximize the fat-burning benefit of your exercise Research at the University of Birmingham found that men who took a green tea extract 24 hours before hitting the gym increased their fat-buming rates by 17 per cent. This is because the tea is rich in catechins and caffeine and produces a thermogenic effect which plays a vital role in the control of body composition. Previous studies have also credited the green stuff with the ability to reduce appetite as well as lower bad cholesterol levels, so it’s a must for anyone who is trying to shed fat.

green tea

Also the results of a 12 week double blind study involving Japanese men who drank green tea over a twelve week period came to the interesting conclusion that a daily consumption of green tea with 690 mg catechins for a twelve week period actually reduces body fat within the belly region. The exciting results leading to the conclusion that green tea could indeed be used as a successful tool in the fight against obesity.

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